Netflix Crime Thriller Series Gives Squid Game Fans What They Need While Waiting For Season 2

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

Netflix confirmed that Squid Game Season 2 will be released later this year, but for those who can’t wait for the next season, we’ve got the perfect show to hold you over. A Killer Paradox is a South Korean thriller series about a man who accidentally murders a serial killer and is on the run from a detective hot on his trail. And, while Netflix is still being rather secretive about when exactly they’ll release the next season of Squid Game, A Killer Paradox is already available to stream.

A Killer Paradox Starts With A Fateful Encounter

A Killer Paradox begins with Lee Tang’s discharge from the army. Played by Choi Woo-shik, Tang grapples with his existence while harboring aspirations of visiting Canada. One fateful evening, an assault escalates into a fatal confrontation, with Tang discovering that he killed a serial killer. 

A Cat And Mouse Pursuit

Acquiring a taste for offending evil-doers, Tang creates a habit of going against the bad guys while Detective Jang Nan-gam (Son Suk-ku) remains in pursuit, ever persisting in his investigation against Tang. Throughout the eight-episode season, the narrative of A Killer Paradox delves into the ambiguity of Tang’s hunt and dives into the question of whether it’s justice he seeks or evasion thereof.

Korean Thriller

A Killer Paradox was helmed by director Lee Chang-hee, known for his work on the film The Vanished (2018) and the series Hell Is Other People (2019), with the script penned by Kim Da-min, recipient of the grand prize at the 2019 Gyeonggi Scenario Planning and Development Feature Category. Production was managed by Showbox and Let’s Film, with filming commencing in the latter half of 2022 in Daejeon.

Similar Themes To Squid Game

And while A Killer Paradox doesn’t revolve around a killer contest like Squid Game, various thematic intersections make it likely a fan of one would be a fan of the other. For instance, both dramas delve deep into the intricacies of morality, presenting characters who grapple with profound ethical dilemmas. They’re both high-stakes thrillers that masterfully build tension and suspense, drawing audiences into the gripping narratives. 

Scratches The Squid Game Itch

squid game

Moreover, both series serve as platforms for incisive social commentary, critiquing issues such as societal inequality and the failings of the justice system. With character-driven storytelling at their cores, A Killer Paradox and Squid Game captivate viewers with richly drawn characters whose motivations and actions propel the narratives forward, inviting audiences to engage with profound questions about the human condition and the nature of morality.

A Critical Hit

Already, A Killer Paradox has been almost as well-received as Squid Game and the series has only been available to watch for a couple of weeks. On Rotten Tomatoes, Squid Game was reviewed at 95 percent by critics, while audiences scored the series at a high 84 percent. Meanwhile, A Killer Paradox has acquired a coveted 100 percent score from critics, while audiences awarded the series a 75 percent approval rating.

Another Korean Hit For Netflix

As fans await Squid Game Season 2, A Killer Paradox is a compelling alternative that satisfies the appetite for gripping Netflix crime thrillers. With its intricate storyline, masterful direction by Lee Chang-hee, and stellar performances by Choi Woo-shik and Son Suk-ku, the series captivates audiences with its exploration of morality, justice, and the complexities of the human psyche.