Mike Myers Making Austin Powers 4?

By Dan Lawrence | 3 months ago

austin powers mike myers

Groovy baby! Could we be returning to one of the most memorable characters of the last couple of decades? Mike Myers has stated his possible intention to bring back the International Man of Mystery in an Austin Powers 4. It sure looks like he wants another movie for this franchise. Myers confirmed he wanted to get his mojo back in an interview with Today as he gears up to the play one of the parts again, albeit on the smaller screen.

Mike Myers was speaking on the reprisal of Austin Powers’ arch-nemesis Dr. Evil in a Superbowl ad for General Motors. In the skit, Myers is joined by Dr. Evils’ dastardly cohort. Rob Lowe reprised his role as Number Two, Mindy Sterling returned as Frau Farbissina, as did Seth Green as Scott Evil. Scott Evil even had a baby, which Dr. Evil decided to name ‘Baby Me,’ before Scott chimed in that his son is in fact, named Kyle. You can see both Myers interview and the Superbowl ad below.

The skit plays incredibly well and fans of the original Austin Powers trilogy will feel as if they’ve been transported back in time amidst the familiarity of it all. Dr. Evil and his cronies discuss their take over of General Motors in the ad and speak of how they plan to use the auto-brands emissions-free technology to save the world, before taking over the world. It looks as if shooting the ad was a blast, and whilst speaking with Today, Mike Myers in fact had plenty of positive words to say about returning to work with his former co-stars. Naturally, the interview then went on to discuss whether we could see an Austin Powers 4.

When asked if a fourth installment into the much-loved franchise would be a possibility, Myers had this to say; “I would love to do one. Yeah, yeah, yeah.” However, he wouldn’t go on the record to say if such wishes had become reality, choosing to remain ambiguous on the subject, “I can neither confirm nor deny the existence or non-existence of such a program, should it exist or not exist,” the Canadian actor quipped. Celebrities know how to play these things these days, even if something is in the works.

This isn’t the first time that Mike Myers has expressed his wishes to continue the Austin Powers franchise. In recent years he has been pushing for a Dr. Evil spin-off. Back in 2018, while promoting his film The Terminal, Myers spoke to Entertainment Tonight on his desire to bring Dr. Evil back to the big screen. Jay Roach, the director of the previous three installments of Austin Powers told Deadline he would happily return to the franchise as well. Screenrant reports that there is a possibility of an Austin Powers 4 script in existence.

It would seem that the possibility for Mike Myers and the gang to return for a fourth Austin Powers film is potentially in the cards. Rather than being wishful thinking, the hypothetical project could be a distinct possibility. Dr. Evil’s Superbowl appearance this year will certainly help stir fans’ attention and hopefully spark further engagement in a possibility of a new Austin Powers feature.

It’s clear the original Austin Powers trilogy was hugely successful, with all three pulling together a total of over $600 million worldwide in box-office returns. The fact that news stories are still breaking to this day on the possibility of more Austin Powers films shows that the popularity of the franchise has endured, and any future installments would likely be received in an overwhelmingly positive fashion. The world would certainly be a better place if the international man of mystery returned. Make it happen Mike Myers.