Michelle Pfeiffer Replacing Kevin Costner As Yellowstone Star?

By Britta DeVore | Published

Michelle Pfeiffer Yellowstone

With the second half of the fifth and final season of Yellowstone just around the corner – or rather around next year’s corner – things for the Dutton family, at least as we know them, are winding down. But, that doesn’t mean that series creator Taylor Sheridan doesn’t already have multiple irons in the fire to keep the universe alive and well. With all eyes turned to a spin-off that centers on Matthew McConaughey and Michelle Pfeiffer, it now seems more likely than ever that Michelle Pfeiffer will become the next big face of the Yellowstone franchise.

Costner Leaves Big Boots To Fill

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Right now, if you asked someone who knew not even the slightest detail about Yellowstone, they’d likely at least know that Kevin Costner’s face is synonymous with the series. Of course, that’s all about to change following the final batch of episodes, leaving the throne open for the taking. That’s where Michelle Pfeiffer comes in as the celebrated star appears to be the face that will carry Yellowstone into its next chapter.

McConaughey Could Be Playing Second Fiddle

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As things sit right now, Michelle Pfeiffer is still in talks with Taylor Sheridan and the rest of the folks behind the untitled spin-off of Yellowstone. But, should she nab the part, the Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania star would be a terrific asset for the team to have moving forward. As many know, Pfeiffer is attached to the same production that Matthew McConaughey was said to be joining but, at this time, it seems Pfeiffer would take more of a front seat while McConaughey would appear in a supporting capacity.

Returning Yellowstone Alum?

The rumors surrounding Michelle Pfeiffer’s takeover as the head of the sprawling Yellowstone universe also included whispers that audiences could potentially see other familiar faces make appearances. Included in those speculations were names including current stars such as Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser, and Luke Grimes, although, like Pfeiffer and McConaughey, none of these folks have given a full commitment quite yet.

Pfeiffer And McConaughey Are Good Choices

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With his Southern drawl and overall Western vibes, it’s clear why Taylor Sheridan turned to Matthew McConaughey to co-lead in what will be the third direct off-shoot to come from the franchise’s original series. Likewise, though she may not be the first person you think about when the idea of a rancher pops into your head, Michelle Pfeiffer would be a terrific get for the untitled Yellowstone project as she’s had a decades-long career in Hollywood that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

The Ever-Expanding Yellowstone Franchise

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Along with what could become the Michelle Pfeiffer-led Yellowstone spin-off, other stars like Tim McGraw and Faith Hill told the prequel story of the Dutton family in 1883 with Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford picking up the torch for 1923. Aside from exploring the ever-expanding branches of the Dutton’s history, Sheridan and co. also came out with an off-shoot of 1883 titled Lawmen: Bass Reeves that explored the notorious man who would serve as inspiration for the lone ranger. 

Essentially, Sheridan has found a money-making franchise that he doesn’t plan on leaving any time soon and, if he keeps up with bringing on stars like Michelle Pfeiffer, the stories from Yellowstone will continue to stay on primetime TV for years to come.