See Michael Myers And Chucky Officially Crossover In New Video

Michael Myers and Chucky have officially crossed over in this teaser.

By Jason Collins | Published

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Horror-loving fans rejoice, as Don Mancini’s Chucky finally premiered on Syfy last night, and Halloween Kills, the twelfth installment in the Halloween franchise, is finally bringing Michael Myers to theaters and streaming. Both iconic horror-movie characters are back and in the very same week. However, since they’re both properties of Universal Studio Group, horror fans have received the most significant cinematic crossover in the horror genre since 2003’s Freddy vs. Jasonalbeit a little shorter than everyone would like.

Universal has finally made a once-in-a-lifetime crossover happen with a killer (pun intended) trailer for Halloween Kills, featuring Chucky – a vicious killer doll from the Child’s Play franchise. The trailer actually advertises the theatrical/streaming release of Halloween Kills, beginning with Chucky carving up a Halloween pumpkin with his kitchen knife. But he didn’t carve a smiling pumpkin, but a true face of horror – the iconic mask of Michael Myers. The trailer then reveals the Myers is standing close by, smashing his own kitchen knife into the pumpkin. You can check out Chucky’s reaction in the trailer below:

This is the first time two fan-favorite horror characters appear on the screen together and on seemingly friendly terms, though Chucky already revealed how he’d kill his competition. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the two in a feature-length film, but a Halloween Kills trailer, but the fans of both Michael Myers and the killer doll will take what they can and hope for more. Given how both characters are owned by Universal Pictures, two of them co-exiting in the same cinematic universe was always in the realm of possibilities, and now – not so far-fetched. Though admittedly, if Chucky and Myers were ever to meet in a feature-length film, it would probably be in a rather violent and bloody fashion.

The interesting thing about the entire Halloween Kills announcement is that it ran during the very first episode of the Chucky television series on Syfy. The movie had its world premiere at the 78th Venice International Film Festival on September 8, 2021, following a year’s delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s scheduled for a theatrical release in the U.S. on October 15 while also bringing Michael Myers to streaming on Peacock. Halloween Kills received mixed reviews from the critics, with many praising the film’s kills, references, and acting performances but criticizing the screenplay, direction, and lack of innovation within the franchise.

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The Chucky television series, on the other hand, or at least its first aired episode, received generally favorable reviews, holding a 92% approval rating on the review-aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes and 70/100 on Metacritic. The series is based on Don Mancini’s Child’s Play franchise and serves as a direct sequel to the franchise’s seventh installment, the 2017’s Cult of Chucky. The franchise’s protagonist, Andy Barclay, is one of the lead characters in the show, portrayed by Alex Vincent, who performed as Andy in four out seven Chucky films.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many modern crossovers in the horror film genre. With the exception of 2003’s Freddy vs. Jason, M. Night Shyamalan Split, and 2016’s Japanese horror film Sadako vs. Kayako, many horror fans are left with horror-classics from the ’60s. Hopefully, one day, we might add Myers vs. Chucky to the list.