Halloween Kills Trailer Is Unbelievably Violent, You’ve Been Warned

Halloween Kills is set for a fall release, but we got our first look at the new trailer. Michael Myers is in full bloodbath mode for this one

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

halloween kills

Michael Myers is back folks. That much is nothing all that new considering folks have been trying to put this dude down for decades. But he refuses to die and he’s returned to reign a little more terror on Haddonfield which somehow still has residents alive in it. In the trailer for Halloween Kills, the bloodshed actually, unbelievably, appears to ramp up even more with Myers on another one of his vintage killing sprees. With the film getting a near-Halloween release this fall, the first trailer dropped to give a taste of what we are in for again. It’s not easy on the eyes. 

The Halloween Kills trailer is all kinds of NSFW and you’ve been warned about what you are about to see. It’s a tour de force of bloodshed with Myers systematically working his way through the town which finally, it appears, is willing to stand up to him and put an end to this madness. Check it out and take into mind that it’s intensely graphic. 

Halloween Kills looks like it picks up in the moments directly following the events of 2018’s Halloween in which Jamie Lee Curtis reprised her role as Laurie Strode for the first time in nearly 20 years. As she and her cohort speed away from the burning house where they left Michael, they uselessly plead with fire services to let the thing burn. But, of course, they don’t and Myers is unwittingly saved from his fate of being finally burned and taken down. The fire brigade looks like they immediately wish they hadn’t answered this 911 call. 

And from there Halloween Kills looks like it, once again, enters the bloodbath zone. Myers sets about a demonic mission of walking across town to the house where it all started with the plan to kill everyone in sight. But this time, Haddonfield looks like they want to get the pitchforks out and put an end to this madness. There’s a fightback sense with the group this time around with a mob gathering to try to figure out a way to put this dude down for good. It won’t be easy. 

Jamie Lee Curtis is once again back for Halloween Kills, reminding us that with each murder Michael Myers becomes more powerful and more inhuman. He’s become something else well beyond the scope of your standard serial killer. He’s nearly indestructible at this point and the trailer gives the sense that not all might be resolved with this next film. 

halloween kills

Plus, it’s worth mentioning that there’s little chance of a full resolution for the Michael Myers story in Halloween Kills. That’s because there’s another film in the works, Halloween Ends, planned for sometime in 2022. It doesn’t take an internet sleuth that this killing spree is only a precursor for how the story ultimately wraps up (right?) next year. 

Halloween Kills is set for an October 15, 2021 release. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the timeline is a year off from the original plan with filming having wrapped up all the way back in 2019. But they are back on track now and it’s obvious that Michael Myers hasn’t lost his penchant for killing people in the bloodiest way possible.