See The First Chucky Trailer Show Off The Classic Killer Doll

By Tristan Zelden | 23 hours ago

chucky trailer

Gear up for Halloween with a blood-thirsty doll. Chucky is coming back with a new TV series, and we got a trailer giving a small taste for what to expect. Entertainment Weekly dished out on all what to expect as the teaser is only 20 seconds long, giving long-time fans and curious newcomers, there is not a whole lot to go on.

Check out the first Chucky trailer right here:

The brief Chucky trailer shows off the iconic killer and a yard sale that has a missing butcher knife. There came quick cuts of horrified reactions as a toy comes for its prey.

Nobody new is steering the TV series as it brings the core writer behind the franchise, Don Mancini. From what little we saw from the Chucky trailer, we do know he will be continuing the story from the original entries that started it all. The showrunner wants to bring it back to its “roots” with the doll and the focus on children as the protagonists. This modern take will go a little bit older, with young teenagers being the center of the plot.

For hardcore fans, you might pick up on some Child’s Play 2 vibes from the Chucky trailer. If you did, it is because Mancini felt the general audience like that movie the most. Based on how director John Lafia shot the sequel and made the killer doll look, that will be the goal to achieve that aesthetic. He gave credit to puppet makers Tony Gardner and Peter Chevako for helping reach this goal.

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The Chucky trailer is a small seed for something larger. The series is going to expand into a “broader Chucky universe.” As it does this, like other franchises with a focus on universes, this idea is meant to go into other media while all of it is tieing together.

We don’t quite know where the story will take us from the Chucky trailer. From the synopsis, it looks like the demon doll will pop up in a yard sale, and when the killing starts, everything in this town will go to hell. The murders will guide audiences through exploring the character on a deeper level and learning about the darker secrets behind this town. That will be up to the showrunner and his team who will be co-writing with him. The horror series will have Kim Garland (The Imperfects), Sarah Acosta (Shooter), and Nick Zigler (The Purge) will assist in penning scripts.

While he is known as a writer, Mancini has done plenty of directing for past Chucky installments beyond what we saw from the trailer. He directed 2004’s Seed of Chucky, 2013’s Curse of Chucky, and 2017’s Cult of Chucky.

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We got to see some of the new and old faces appearing in the series from the Chucky teaser trailer. Lexa Doig (Arrow) and Devon Sawa (Final Destination) will make their debut in the franchise. Meanwhile, some of the veterans who have dealt with demonic toys in the past who will return will be stars like Christine Elise, Alex Vincent, and Jennifer Tilly.

While the Chucky trailer gives a taste, you can get the show on SYFY and USA on October 12.