See Michael Keaton Back As Bruce Wayne In First Sneak Photos

We have our first look at Michael Keaton on set and in character for The Flash.

By Faith McKay | Published

michael keaton

Are fans excited to see Michael Keaton return as Batman in The Flash? Perhaps there could have been those who doubted audiences would be overly excited. To be fair, Keaton last played Bruce Wayne in Batman Returns, which released in 1992. By the time we see The Flash, 30 years will have passed. We’ve seen a lot of Batmans come and go through DC in those years. Despite all of that, are fans still excited? Oh yes, they are, and they aren’t being remotely quiet about it. Keaton’s name began trending after the first peek behind the scenes for the movie. There have been moments where it felt like Keaton might back out due to COVID delays, scheduling, and other concerns, but now we can see, he’s back. It’s happening.

Take a look at Michael Keaton on set for The Flash below.

Below is another photo, this time with Ezra Miller and Michael Keaton on set. Fans who are excited to see Keaton return are also nervous about what it will mean for the DC Extended Universe going forward that both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck will be playing Batman in The Flash.

Response to seeing the actor on set has been huge.

But also, not without doubters. Many fans are protective of Ben Affleck, and that seems to be a driving force behind those who are most nervous about what Michael Keaton’s appearance in a DC Extended Universe film could mean.

This is our first real look at Michael Keaton back as Master Wayne, but director Andy Muschietti has given us hints at Keaton’s return previously when he shared a look at the Batman chest plate for the character.

It’s an exciting but uncertain time to be a fan of DC films. Right now, we know that Michael Keaton is returning in The Flash, which is exciting for many. But what else can we expect? We know that we’ve seen Ezra Miller as Barry Allen/The Flash in other established DC Cinematic Universe movies. The Flash will be the 12th movie in the DC Extended Universe, which includes Justice League, Wonder Woman, and Man of Steel. However, director Zack Snyder was a big part of the DC Extended Universe, and now he’s no longer working with DC. What does that mean for Henry Cavill’s Superman? What does that mean for Ben Affleck’s Batman?

It’s difficult for anyone to foresee what the future may hold for the DC Extended Universe, particularly because it often feels like DC doesn’t actually have a plan. With that in mind, throwing Michael Keaton’s return into the mix leaves fans even more confused about what they can expect moving forward. And while some are happy to be enthusiastic about what we do know is coming–Keaton’s return–others want to distance themselves from the franchise, feeling wary of trusting DC to give them projects they can get behind. Hopefully, we can expect that Keaton’s return will be awesome, we’ll have a movie with two Batmans, and the movie is going to set an awesome tone with some new direction moving forward. Too much to believe in? Possibly, but we’ll have to wait until The Flash releases on November 4, 2022 to see for ourselves.