Michael Bay Reveals Bad Boys Mistake That Cost Him Over $1 Million

By James Brizuela | 4 months ago

michael bay

Michael Bay apparently is not above admitting when he makes the wrong move. The filmmaker has taken to his Instagram to speak on a mistake that cost him over $1 million dollars. The Porsche that Will Smith’s character drives in the first Bad Boys belonged to Bay, which he sold to a friend for $60,000. Now that same car has gone up for auction and sold for a massive $1,300,000.

Michael Bay shows the image of the Porsche on his Instagram, with a story about who he sold it for far less money. There was no detail on if this friend he sold it to for $60,000 was in fact the same person who cashed in over a million dollars for it. Bay’s caption says, “Boy was I stupid not to keep it!” It probably would have been smart of Bay to consider how collectors are always looking for film-accurate replicas or actual memorabilia that was used in the films. Bay might be kicking himself for this one, considering how massive his career and Smith’s career got after this film debuted. You can see the image of the car below.

Will Smith went on to appear in several high-profile acting roles including Men in Black and reuniting with Michael Bay for Bad Boys II. Bay went on to direct and produce the Transformers franchise, which was highly successful. Having the Porsche that Mike Lawry drove in the film would have been gold mine later on in life. Through an estimated $19 million budget, Bad Boys grossed $141 million worldwide, making it a massive success. There is no telling how long Bay held on to his car after the film was released, but he should have known better, especially considering how popular Smith got after the film debuted.

It is super likely that Michael Bay doesn’t need a million dollars, but that is a ridiculous amount of money. Holding on to such a great piece of film memorabilia is where he messed up. The producer/director has a reported net worth of $500 million, but still, cashing in on a car that was likely purchased at a much lower value is something that might haunt him for quite some time. That would be like the same feeling for whoever happens to own the original Batmobile. Maybe Bay can find the person who bought it and offer them more money to get it back.

It seems to be that a ton of new information about Bad Boys has been resurfacing as of late. Michael Bay recently received a book from Will Smith, which is an aptly titled autobiography called Will. Inside the book was a handwritten apology from Smith, which Bay spoke about on his Instagram. This apology was in reference to Bay wanting Smith to go shirtless in Bad Boys, a film which immensely helped both of their careers.