Master Sword From Legend Of Zelda Is About To Be In Your Hands

By Jason Collins | Published

The Legend of Zelda fans who have dreamt about wielding a real-life replica of Link’s Master Sword now might have the opportunity to do so. According to Forbes, Bandai Spirits will be making a Proplica version—a high-quality, life-sized replica of popular items from various anime, manga, and video games that have been produced by Bandai—of the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda gaming franchise.

A Master Sword Replica

Unfortunately, there aren’t many details surrounding the sword proplica at the moment, but the prototype of Master Sword has already been shown at Tamashii Nations 2023, which you can see via an X post from Hobby Watch.. As expected, the replica is an absolutely stunning recreation of Link’s famous Sword. Tamashii Nations has previously recreated many other amazing swords, including Inosuke’s Nichiren blades—from the popular anime Demon Slayer. Judging by the price points associated with previous releases, The Legend of Zelda fans will be able to get their hands on their own proplicas at a reasonable price.

The Cost

This means that the price is likely to range from ¥20,000 to ¥30,000, or $130 – $200 dollars range, for one of the most iconic swords in video game history. It’s also worth noting that various Proplica products feature an array of sound and lightning gimmicks, so it’s not outside the realm of possibilities that something similar will come with the Master Sword as well. Fortunately, you can always pull out the batteries if you’re not into that sort of thing or if you have a younger sibling or niece/nephew who won’t stop touching your stuff.

The Iconic Sword Throughout Zelda

For the uninitiated collectors, the Master Sword is a recurring legendary Sword in The Legend of Zelda series, mostly known for being a weapon of the hero Link. Due to its long history within the franchise—Zelda is one of the most enduring and influential video gaming series; as of 2023, the franchise is 37 years old—the blade has also been referred to by many titles. The most notable titles are “Blade of the Evil’s Bane” and “Sword that Seals the Darkness.”

The Creation Of The Master Sword

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The Master Sword’s lore in the game is particularly interesting, as it was crafted by the Goddess Hylia as a Goddess Sword, but it was later forged into the Master Sword by Link and Fi, who bathed the Sword in the three Sacred Flames scattered across the land that would become the Kingdom of Hyrule.

The Sword was subsequently blessed by Zelda, which transformed it into the true Master Sword, which is now the only weapon that can defeat Ganon, the game’s archvillain. This is something we’d like to see in the recently announced Legend of Zelda movie.

The King Of Zelda Collectibles

The release of the Proplica version of the Master Sword isn’t all that surprising, but it’s very well-received among the fandom, particularly after the disheartening pre-order gift we received with Tears of the Kingdom—a fork and a spoon with the engraved Zelda logo.

This is truly a collectible for the die-hard fans of the series; it’s instantly recognizable to almost any gamer, and it’s very reasonably priced. We’d also like to take the opportunity to dissuade potential resellers—the game memorabilia market bubble popped, so it’s not likely that you’ll turn much of a profit.