Marvel’s Fantastic Four Movie Will Only Be About One Character?

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Rumors are currently circling that Sue Storm will be the primary focus of the MCU’s Fantastic Four movie. According to CBR, however, the rumors are given some credence as they come from DanielRPK, a well-known insider who has frequently released reliable scoops. The film’s cast has, of course, yet to be solidified, and ongoing strikes mean audiences will have to wait a while before the film moves much further along.

A noted Marvel leaker revealed Sue Storm, The Invisible Woman, will be the primary focus of the Fantastic Four.

But these Fantastic Four rumors are certainly interesting as the idea of a film that focuses primarily on the Invisible Woman would be a fresh approach indeed. While early rumors have stated that the studio’s plan was even to cast Sue first and then build a cast around that actor, there has not been any confirmation of that just yet. Still, Margot Robbie (currently sitting on top of the world as Barbie) is rumored to have been offered the role, which she is also said to have turned down.

Other rumored Sue Storm possibilities for the Fantastic Four movie have included  Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One‘s Vanessa Kirby, who was also reportedly offered the role. A “Dakota Johnson type” was also being talked about in the rumor mill, but that was some time ago, and nothing has yet been confirmed. Still, the casting possibilities for the film are wide open, with a lot of buzz around different names.

None of the casting for Marvel’s Fantastic Four has been confirmed, though some major names, including Adam Driver and Margot Robbie, have reportedly turned down roles.

The Fantastic Four cast could include widely talked-about possibilities like Adam Driver as Reed Richards, though he is said to have ended talks with Marvel Studios about the role. Many fans have expected the part might go to John Krasinski, who has appeared as a version of Richards’ Mr. Fantastic in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Other possibilities for roles in the film include Penn Badgley and Dev Patel.

Kate Mara as Sue Storm in Fantastic Four (2015)

One thing we do know about The Fantastic Four is that Matt Shakman is set to direct, having served as both a director and a producer on the Disney+ series WandaVision. Shakman is so excited about the project that he passed on working with J.J. Abrams on Star Trek 4 to take the Marvel gig. Saying the opportunity was something he couldn’t pass up, Shakman said he was excited to go back to Marvel, where he had worked before. His enthusiasm is for both the material and the people with whom he will be working behind the scenes.

Matt Shakman, the director behind WandaVision, is bringing the Fantastic Four to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

At the moment, The Fantastic Four is is still set for a May 2, 2025, release. Of course, a lot can happen between now and then, particularly with both SAG-AFTRA and WGA on the picket lines. As Disney CEO Bob Iger has been persistently critical of the strikes, the corporation is now a focal point in the minds of many for the conflict. Whether things will get sorted in time for production to move ahead as planned remains to be seen.

The Fantastic Four have struggled to find cinematic expression, with each successive iteration—from 2005’s Fantastic Four to its sequel Rise of the Silver Surfer to the colossal flop of the 2015 reboot—finding less and less success. Let’s hope Sue Storm can keep the MCU‘s version from turning invisible.

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