Marvel’s Broxton: What Loki Post-Credits Scene Could Mean For The MCU

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marvel broxton

The second season of Marvel‘s Loki is finally here, and it introduced a pretty fun Easter egg in the post-credits sequence of the episode. Throughout the entire episode, fans are wondering when Sophia Di Martino’s Sylvie is going to pop up, and she appears in the least likely of places — a McDonalds in a small Oklahoma town. But it’s not just any small Oklahoma town, it’s Broxton, which comic book fans will recognize as an imporant part of Thor comic history.

The town Sylvie visits in the mid-credits scene of the Loki Season 2 premiere is an important location in Marvel Comics.

Marvel didn’t even make the city of Broxton up, as it’s a real town in the state of Oklahoma, but the Marvel version of the town has quite a bit more going on than the real-life version. It all started with the Ragnarok event that wiped out all of Asgard and the Asgardians with it. After being reborn, Thor found that the spirits of the Asgardians had taken human form and didn’t remember being Asgardians.

marvel broxton
Asgard floating over Broxton in Marvel Comics

Of course, Thor needed to re-establish the city of Asgard and since he came back to life around the city of Broxton, Oklahoma, he decided to set up there. The Marvel comics would keep the city around for a while until it became uninhabitable thanks to the Roxxon corportation. Eventually, the city would be destroyed altogether by the God of Hammers.

“It’s mostly a tip of the hat to fans. And just a little bit of a nod to the DNA of [Sylvie].”

-Kevin Wright, Loki EP

It’s unclear if the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to do much with the city of Broxton outside of making it a wink and nod to the comic fans. It’s especially fitting that Sylvie ended up there, as her character is partially inspired by the comic character Slyvie Lushton, who was one of the town’s residents that suddenly got magical powers and took on the name of Enchantress. Although she suspected that she had Asgardian origins, she actually found out that Loki had called her into being through magic and gave her memories of being a human.

In Loki, the version of Broxton Sylvie visits is a “branched timeline” as opposed to Earth-616.

That’s a pretty messed up origin story and definitely isn’t something that the current Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Loki in the Disney+ show would pull, but it’s certainly something that a Loki variant might have done. It’s always possible that the Broxton reference is hinting that a secret Sylvie origin will be revealed and that she was made by a more mischievious Loki variant after all. However, it definitely seems like it’s just more of a Easter Egg than a concerted effort by the MCU to work the little town into the greater tapestry of the film universe’s ongoing storyline.

marvel broxton

While Ragnarok already happend in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Asgard has already established a new city on Earth in Norway, that’s in the prime time of Earth-616. Meanwhile, the version of Braxton that Sylvie arrives in is a branched timeline.

Loki executive producer Kevin Wright indicated that the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Broxton is more of an Easter Egg, saying “It’s mostly a tip of the hat to fans,” and “And just a little bit of a nod to the DNA of [Sylvie].”

With Loki and Mobius jumping around the multiverse, the threat of Kang looming on the horizon, and everything else going on in Loki Season 2, it does seem unlikley that the season would dwell too long at a McDonald’s in a small Oklahoma town, regardless of the comic origins attached to it. Of course, there’s no way to know until the rest of the season airs, so make sure to check out Loki on Disney+ when new episodes release on Thursdays.

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