Mark Hamill Secretly Appeared In A Marvel Movie

By Nathan Kamal | Published

mark hamill

There are few figures more beloved in pop culture than Mark Hamill. While the Star Wars actor seemed to disappear from the public eye in the decades after Return of the Jedi, he has had a career resurgence the likes of which is rarely seen. Apparently, you can actually see Mark Hamill more often than you would think, as Luke Skywalker himself recently confirmed an unexpected cameo appearance in a Twitter exchange. An eagle-eyed viewer spotted Mark Hamill in a crowd scene of the recently released Thor: Love and Thunder, which the voice of the Joker was happy to verify. Here’s the Twitter exchange:

As Mark Hamill puts it, it is “blink and miss it” appearance. Having the legendary actor appear for two seconds in a crowd scene was probably a little Easter Egg by director Taika Waititi, who loves to stuff his movies with tiny references and jokes. Thor: Love and Thunder definitely had enough quick bits that it will take fans a long time to catalog them all (although Korg’s Rock God sitting on a throne of scissors was caught pretty quickly), so it is interesting that this one was caught so quickly. Another enterprising Marvel watcher managed to get a (slightly blurry) shot of the scene in question, though they seemed doubtful whether it was actually Mark Hamill. Here it is: 

That definitely looks like Mark Hamill to us (and it sure looks like he is staring directly into the camera). He also appears to be sporting his “Luke Skywalker as a grumpy hermit” bearded look as well as what looks like a striped bathrobe, but that could just be Mark Hamill doing things casually. 

Mark Hamill appearing in Thor: Love and Thunder is almost certainly just a little thing Taika Waititi slipped in for fun, but it is also his official debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We do not have a canonical crossover event between Star Wars and the MCU as of yet (we are not going to dignify Star Wars Legend comic books for these purposes), so this will likely be the closest we get to seeing Luke Skywalker alongside the Avengers, but you never know. After all, the MCU is going all-in on the multiverse concept and Earth-616 must be adjacent to a galaxy far far away to some degree. Hint, hint, Disney. 

While Mark Hamill is best known for his iconic role in the original Star Wars trilogy and the more controversial follow-up trilogy, he has had a wide and impressive career out of it. After becoming typecast as Luke Skywalker, he pivoted to a career in theater (being particularly known for performing the titular role in an early 1980s production of Amadeus) and then later remade himself as an acclaimed voice actor. Even more recently, Mark Hamill took on a new role as a prolific and hilarious social commentator on Twitter, where he currently has over five million followers hanging on his every word.