Manifest Celebrates Being Uncanceled With New Season

By Doug Norrie | 1 week ago

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In this day and age of streaming services and rabid fanbases, shows that have faced cancellation on one network might just be able to find a new home somewhere else. If there are enough people out there who like your show then there’s a chance you can survive the ax from one network. That has been the case with Manifest which faced cancellation from NBC only have it find new life on Netflix. It’s truly a remarkable story and a testament to the fervent and coordinated fanbase that kept the pressure on the streamer to make sure they knew plenty of folks were out there who wanted to see the story finished. The folks involved with Manifest took to social media to celebrate the return of the show and to get excited for what was to come. 

Manifest creator and showrunner Jeff Rake hopped on Twitter Thursday to do a little victory lap about the show coming back. It’s a scene from the first day of production with the show now under Netflix’s umbrella. While the scene, in and of itself, isn’t all that remarkable, a city street with production equipment everywhere, the symbolism of what it means caps off one of the cooler stories you’ll see these days in terms of content. Check out Rake’s tweet and, if you are a Manifest fan then there is really a lot to get excited about here. 

Back in June, Manifest crew and fans were dealt a blow when they found out that NBC was canceling the series after its third season. Considering the show’s mysterious nature, it was a terrible fate for fans and creators alike because the series hadn’t wrapped up its major storylines or brought any of the lingering questions to a satisfying close. Such is the nature of the network broadcasting game, with Manifest not living up to NBC’s standards when it came to the ratings. 

But one network’s trash can be a streamer’s treasure. While the NBC ratings for Manifest might have been flagging, it was developing a core following on Netflix where the first two seasons were available. When the show was canceled originally, the #Manifest hashtag started trending and it was clear fans were devastated that the show might not reach the finish line. Around this time there were rumblings that Netflix could pick it back up and complete the story. 

That ended up happening in late August when the streamer made it official that they had acquired the series and would bring it back for a fourth and final season. There was word that the original cast and crew would all be returning to bring the series to a close. It was a rather amazing story, something that is only possible these days because of the sheer number of streaming outlets out there and the contingents of fans living in entirely different online spaces these days. 

Manifest follows the story of the crew and passengers of Montego Air Flight 828 which takes off from Jamaica en route to New York City. While those on the plane experience a relatively “normal” flight, when they land they find that more than five years have actually passed in the “real” world and the plane had been thought missing all this time. The show follows the mystery of what happened with the flight and also what has happened to those people still in the world. The fear with the cancellation was that Manifest fans would never get to the root of the mystery. Now, they will have things wrapped up for good, just over on Netflix.