Manifest Is Actually Close To Being Totally Resurrected By Netflix

Manifest fans can start getting excited. It is looking like the show is close to being fully resurrected by Netflix with negotiations ongoing

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Manifest fans have been waiting with bated breath for months now to find out whether they’d ever get a chance to finish this story and find out the ending for the passengers on Montego Air Flight 828 that left Jamaica and emerged in New York almost six years later. According to Deadline, the show might be really rounding towards the finish line, close to being picked back up by Netflix and given a proper send-off on the streamer. It is a crazy story, one that could only happen in this new world of ever-expanding content and providers. But it might be happening and we might be able to close off this story in proper fashion. 

According to the Deadline reporting, the reason for hope around Manifest stems from the rumors and news that Warner Bros. and Netflix are in the midst of contract negotiations for the cast, crew, and team of writers for the series. This would suggest that deal between Netflix and Manifest is imminent with the prevailing thought that it would be for a minimum fourth season of the show. Again, this is still a rumor, but by all accounts, it looks like the show is nearing a return. 

Manifest was canceled by NBC back in June, sparking an uproar among fans who were incensed that the mysterious story wouldn’t get an adequate closing and finish. Because the cancellation happened ahead of the writers’ timelines, the fear was that folks would never get to the bottom of the mysterious flight and the subsequent events that happened in its wake. But the show had also quickly become a Netflix fan favorite, climbing the streaming charts on the platform and finding a whole new audience off of the original network. This sparked the #SaveManifest movement online with fans pleading for the show to find a home. The most logical one being Netflix because it had internal analytics on the show’s performance already and, presumably, an audience ready to pick right back up with the story.

manifest nbc

But over the summer, it sure looked like the negotiations between Warner Bros. (the Manifest production company) and Netflix had stalled with no other real suitors out there in the space to pick up the show in any format. It did seem like we were in a Netflix-or-bust mode. This latest news about ongoing negotiations though could be the final move before the big announcement. 

Manifest follows the story of passengers on a flight from Jamaica that lands in New York as if nothing had happened, except to the rest of the world five and a half years have passed with the flight thought missing. The show explores the mystery as well as how those left behind on Earth have changed over time, possibly meaning the flight landed in some other dimension. But those questions were never answered with the cancellation and fans thought it could be the end. This latest development gives new hope that Manifest will return with a proper end to the story. The final word on this story could come as soon as next week if the contract negotiations are in the home stretch.