Manifest Saved By Netflix, See The Amazing Reactions

Manifest was just saved by Netflix and will return for a fourth, and final, season. Check out the awesome reactions by cast, crew and fans.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Manifest fans rejoice. Your hard work online and unfailing insistence on saving this show from the cancellation gods has actually paid off. After weeks and weeks of speculation and potential hope that the show would actually be coming back in some fashion, Deadline is reporting that Netflix has officially picked it up for a fourth and final season on the streamer. It is just another feel-good story in the world of television content with an outfit taking one network’s supposed trash and turning it into a streaming treasure. 

The news that Netflix was officially bringing Manifest on to the platform was announced Saturday morning after a few days of glimmering hope that the show wasn’t meeting its end. There had been rumors of contract negotiations with the cast and crew and that the two parties had actually found an acceptable ground in bringing it back for a fourth season. Getting the talent signed on was the apparent last step in getting this thing over the finish line and it looks like they have done it. 

Fans of Manifest had been rallying for weeks to make this happen, trending the #SaveManifest hashtag on social media platforms for some time in an effort to show Netflix that there was still an intense appetite to see this story finished. That online movement, combined with what Netflix had likely seen from fan engagement on their own platform is what spurred this latest move. The show, while having been canceled by NBC in the Spring, was one of the streamer’s top performers, finding a new audience off the network.

manifest netflix

And the cast and crew were quick to shout out everyone involved for saving Manifest. Show creator and head writer Jeff Rake jumped on to give props to both Netflix and the legions of fans who helped make this happen. 

And then there was Manifest star Josh Dallas who made a reference to the show in giving thanks to Netflix and the fans as well. 

Plus, the Manifest Writers Room jumped in on things, imploring folks to get over to Netflix and catch up with what happened at the end of Season 3 on Netflix before the fourth season finally hits the streamer. 

Finally, there were the fans out there who were instrumental in saving Manifest and getting Netflix to pick the show back up. They were almost as happy as the show’s creatives and talents themselves. Tons of folks rang in on the #SaveManifest hashtag to take victory laps. This had been trending for weeks, building up a groundswell of support that was crucial in having the show be able to return in some fashion. Check it out:

The numbers 828 refer to the flight that is at the center of the Manifest story. The show focused on Flight 828 which left Jamaica to New York only to disappear and actually land more than five years later. The flight’s passengers noticed no time-lapse, but the rest of the world had assumed it gone forever. The show deals with the mystery behind the disappearance and how the world had changed in the time since its absence. Fans were itching to have the story completed and the mystery solved. Now they will get their chance on Netflix.