Loudermilk Season 4 Might Actually Happen Thanks To Netflix Fans

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

The once-under-the-radar series Loudermilk has experienced a resurgence on Netflix, hinting at a promising future with the tease of a potential Season 4. Created by Peter Farrelly, known for his work on Green Book, the dramedy series initially struggled to find its audience on the now-defunct AT&T Audience Network but has become a streaming sensation.

Loudermilk Tops The Charts On Netflix

Nielsen’s recent report revealed that Loudermilk secured a place in the Top 10 for Streaming Originals, accumulating a staggering 846 million viewing minutes during the week of January 8-14. The series also made significant waves in Netflix’s Top 10 charts, with both Season 1 and Season 2 appearing prominently in the most-viewed shows list in the U.S. and various other countries including Australia, Austria, Germany, UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. These stellar stats are a good sign that Loudermilk may be able to finally move out of television limbo and get its green light for Season 4.

Netflix’s Power

Loudermilk’s recent popularity resurgence on Netflix is yet another illustration of the streaming giant’s ability to elevate the visibility of television series. The fact that this comedy-drama that received limited exposure on the AT&T Audience Network can grow into one of the top 10 most popular series goes to show that Netflix possesses a unique capacity to propel a series to success in a way that few other streaming platforms can match. Perhaps the streaming platform can even bring Loudermilk back from the dead and finally give fans the Season 4 they’ve been hoping for.

Loudermilk Finally Finds The Right Audience


For Farrelly, the unexpected success of Loudermilk speaks to the series’ genuine portrayal of addiction and the complexities of recovery. Farrelly and co-creator Bobby Mort sought to offer a fresh perspective on addiction, focusing on the camaraderie and support found within recovery communities, a departure from the often bleak portrayals seen in traditional media. It’s a perspective the creators hope to continue telling in Loudermilk Season 4 and, hopefully, in more future seasons.Despite facing initial challenges in finding a platform for the series, Farrelly remained steadfast in his belief that audiences would eventually connect with his show. Now, with the series enjoying newfound popularity, Farrelly hints at what fans can expect in a potential Loudermilk Season 4.

What Would Season 4 Look Like?


Teasing Loudermilk Season 4, Farrelly suggests that protagonist Sam Loudermilk, portrayed by Ron Livingston, will navigate the pitfalls of newfound fame while grappling with the familiar dynamics of his support group. With plans to reunite the cast and explore Loudermilk’s journey in the spotlight, Farrelly envisions an exciting blend of celebrity encounters and heartfelt moments characteristic of the series.

Peter Farrelly Is Hopeful Netflix Will Pick Up The Show


As discussions about the future of Loudermilk Season 4 continue, Farrelly expresses his desire for Netflix to continue to be the home for the beloved series, acknowledging the platform’s instrumental role in its resurgence.

Even though the cast was freed from contractual obligations to continue producing episodes following the Audience Network shutdown, Farrelly expressed that all cast members are excited to return for a Loudermilk Season 4. Overall, Farrelly has outlined storylines and character developments spanning seven seasons.

Source: Deadline