See Letitia Wright’s New Costume For Black Panther 2

Check out the new look for Letitia Wright as Shuri in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. It's definitely an updated style for the character

By Doug Norrie | Published

Letitia Wright marvel cinematic universe

With Black Panther: Wakanda Forever only a few months away now things are starting to heat up in terms of how this movie is going to shake out and what new things we can expect from the story and characters. There’s been massive speculation along these lines with many wondering what will actually happen to this franchise in the wake of the tragic passing of star Chadwick Boseman two years ago. While we might not know exactly how the story is going to play out in this sequel, we are getting some looks at how characters could change for this movie. One of them is Letitia Wright who apparently has gone through some changes between the first movie, the Infinity Saga, and this sequel. 

The new image of Letitia Wright in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is from the Twitter account @MCU_Facility (via CBR) and offers a look at Wright’s Shuri as well Danai Gurira’s Okoye. While the latter looks very similar to what we’ve seen from her on the big screen in other Marvel production, Wright’s Shuri has gone through a noticeable outfit change as well as a new hairstyle. What the impetus behind this change in her look is, remains to be seen, but there’s been a pretty clear overhaul for this next movie which could see her taking a much larger role in the franchise moving forward. Check out the new image of Letitia Wright for the Wakanda Forever promotion.

There have been a bunch of changes in Letitia Wright’s look for sure. Gone are some of the “traditional” Wakanda hallmarks and in previous iterations, Wright’s character had an outfit with a stiff neck portion, sleeveless arms, and a jeweled look around her face. These were in line with the Dora Milaje, the group of female bodyguards and special forces. Okoye is the leader of that particular team. But now Letitia Wright’s Shuri is sporting a purple tracksuit and white sneakers, much more in line with a modern-day styling. Could this be part of where we left the character at the end of Black Panther when Boseman’s T’Challa puts Shuri in charge of a local outreach center that’s pretty far removed from Wakanda?

Again, there is still a fair amount of mystery around Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Namely, who is going to take up the mantle with Chadwick Boseman’s passing? This has been a source of great speculation and doesn’t seem to have a resolution at this point, at least not in terms of what’s been released as far as news goes. There had been the thought that Letitia Wright as Shuri could take on the Black Panther label, though that was tamped down some more than a year ago when Wright had some negative runs through the press cycle thanks to some anti-vaccine comments she’d made. Those have largely died down though.

It won’t be long until we figure some of this out around Letitia Wright and others. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is scheduled to hit theaters on November 11, 2022.