Legends Of Tomorrow Season 6: Maisie Richardson-Sellers Won’t Return As Charlie

The network announced they renewed the series and Legends of Tomorrow season 6 is on the way.

By Liana Keane | Published

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Legends Of Tomorrow season 6

DC’s Arrowverse may be losing its flagship series when Arrow wrapped up in January, but there’s no shortage of upcoming superhero adventures, including Legends of Tomorrow. Season five of The CW’s time-traveling superhero team debuted in January of 2020 as the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” saga wraps up. Ahead of that, the network announced they renewed the series and Legends of Tomorrow season 6 is on the way.

Expect Legends of Tomorrow season 6 to arrive on television mid-season 2021.

Maisie Richardson-Sellers Won’t Return For Legends Of Tomorrow Season 6


Maisie Richardson-Sellers has played Charlie on Legends of Tomorrow since way back in 2016. But now she’s done and she won’t return in Legends of Tomorrow season 6. They wrote her out of the show in the season 5 episode “Swan Thong” and now we have confirmation that she will not return.

When asked why they removed her from the cast and won’t bring her back for Legends of Tomorrow season 6, showrunner Phil Klemmer had this to say: “This was something that was well over a year in the works,” Klemmer said. “We knew that [Maisie] was wanting to make her mark as a filmmaker on her own, and so that allowed us to craft a story that would, hopefully, make for a satisfying conclusion. The finale was sort of all about her. For me, it’s so bittersweet, bringing it back to that punk club and The Smell… The good thing is that people are allowed to come back and have come back.”

It’s not entirely clear what Sellers plans to direct. In her career she’s only had one directing job, and that was at the helm of a short film called Sunday’s Child. She has nothing else on her plate currently.

Courtney Ford Won’t Return For Season 6

Maisie Richardson-Sellers Won't Return

Courtney Ford left Legends of Tomorrow at the same time Brandon Routh did and she won’t return in Legends of Tomorrow season 6. She played Nora Darhk  on the show for three seasons.

Courtney Ford is the real life wife of Brandon Routh, and most believe her departure had a lot to do with the show firing Brandon, and probably nothing to do with her specifically. But no one really knows for sure why either of them was removed from the show.

Brandon Routh Kicked Off The Show


Unfortunately, Atom will not be a part of those Legends of Tomorrow season 6 adventures. Brandon Routh has been fired from the show. Originally it was thought that he was leaving of his own accord, but then Routh said this on Twitter…

Routh has now spoken further about his exit from the show, and he’s not happy. Even the way his last scenes as Ray Palmer, were, apparently, not handled very well. He appeared on the INSIDE OF YOU podcast to talk about it and apparently the whole thing was traumatic.

Routh says of Legends of Tomorrow“What I try to do at work is go to work, and try to enjoy my time on set. You don’t know what the end product is going to be. And I had to go into this — you’re also talking about loss, so we’re going back to that — loss of my family for the last five years, and the character that I played for six years. As you may or may not know, I filmed my last episodes in the Arrowverse and as Ray Palmer, and that was a very traumatic event for me. It was not something I was expecting, it was shocking.”

He goes on to criticize the people in charge of the superhero show saying, “It was before we started production, but it was not well handled, and so that has been something my wife and I are both still working through. It’s been a huge transition time for us these last 8, 9, 10 months. So going, how was I going to find the joy in that, knowing this thing was looming. But I worked to just be with the crew that had become my family and my cast that had become my family and experience that, and just be there in the interactions with the people.”

Routh’s Atom character was probably the most popular character on Legends of Tomorrow, so it’s a bizarre decision not to have him around for Legends of Tomorrow season 6. No one seems to know why they’d want to fire him, speculation is that the writers simply wanted his character gone to make way for a new character. He’ll be sorely missed by fans of the superhero series.