Kyle MacLachlan Is 100% Right About Twin Peaks Reboot

By TeeJay Small | Updated

twin peaks star trek

The modern state of cinema and television has seen just about every recognizable IP rebooted, reimagined, remade, or reignited in recent years, as streamers thirst for an infinite supply of material to satiate their subscribers. Kyle MacLachlan has taken note of this trend and repeatedly commented on his overt desire to not see this happen with Twin Peaks.

MacLachlan is a frequent collaborator of Twin Peaks creator David Lynch and starred in both the original series and the revival as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper.

Never Learning The Lesson

twin peaks star trek

Kyle MacLachlan has likened the endless desire to reboot existing franchises to placing one’s hand on a hot stove, repeatedly being burned and never learning a lesson.

He’s correct, as many reboots of popular projects simply fail to recapture the magic of their originals. If David Lynch wanted to return for more seasons of Twin Peaks, perhaps it would be worth it, but we can likely all agree that nobody else is capable of helming such a bizarre surrealist show.

Can’t Recapture The Magic

Even if somebody could recapture the magic of the esoteric series, why would they? Wouldn’t it just be more exciting to see the next generation’s David Lynch create their own project, without relying on an existing franchise to begin with?

Kyle MacLachlan certainly seems to feel this way, and has reminded his fans that Twin Peaks is already available to view in its existing form.

Unexpected Success

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Kyle MacLachlan is also quick to point out that Twin Peaks‘s runaway success was unexpected in its day, with some audiences failing to identify with the program’s strange writing choices and disjointed editing techniques.

Additionally, the series has essentially already been rebooted once, as Lynch returned to the project to helm an additional 2017 season after the initial run concluded in 1991.

Would Return To Twin Peaks

In recognizing this, Kyle MacLachlan claims he would be more than happy to return to the Twin Peaks franchise if David Lynch decides to craft additional storylines. But any other attempt at rebooting the series could only serve to deliver a tepid, off-brand imitation that would pale in comparison to the original.

The best-case scenario for a Lynch-less Twin Peaks reboot would be an ultimately forgettable shot-for-shot remake with updated special effects and camera quality.

Twin Peaks Reboot

Despite the comments from Kyle MacLachlan, no Twin Peaks reboot has officially been announced.

The series has a hardcore cult following who wouldn’t hesitate to make their voices heard if a new installment in the franchise were to arrive without David Lynch’s approval, meaning a smart studio exec wouldn’t even bother trying.

Still, other ill-advised reboots have found their way into production in recent years, including Roadhouse, Pirates of the Caribbean, and even The X-Files.

He’s Still Rebooting

Kyle MacLachlan

Though Kyle MacLachlan strongly opposes rebooting Twin Peaks, the 65-year-old actor clearly has no problem with rebooting other beloved franchises.

The one-time Dune star has recently appeared in the film reboot Confess, Fletch, and the recently rebooted Futurama revival. Notably, MacLachlan reprised his fan-favorite role of The Captain in the How I Met Your Mother reboot, How I Met Your Father.