Kingdom Hearts 4 Affected By Disney’s Terrible Failure?

By Douglas Helm | Published

Wish, Disney’s latest film and its 100th anniversary celebration, has been a critical and commercial failure for the House of Mouse. However, the film did have some interesting implications for the Disneyverse at large. It’s possible, as Kotaku points out, that these implications could also affect the storyline of Kingdom Hearts 4, the next entry to the popular Square Enix/Disney crossover video game franchise.

Wish’s Connection To Kingdom Hearts

Before diving into the implications, be warned that there are spoilers ahead for Wish if that’s something you care about. In Wish, we learn that the sorcerer Magnifico keeps the wishes of the citizens of Rosa safeguarded after they turn 18, but he only grants the wishes if he deems them good for the kingdom. Interestingly, these wishes imply that the Disneyverse may be all connected to the citizens of Rosas, a sort of multiversal concept that Kingdom Hearts has already built and which would likely show up in Kingdom Hearts 4.

For instance, a citizen of Rosas with a green tunic wishes to fly, alluding to Peter Pan while the animal companion of Wish asks for a society where mammals can live equally, alluding to Zootopia. This would seemingly connect the Disneyverse to the dreams of the citizens of Rosas, making all the films intertwined, however loosely. However, this would pose some problems for Kingdom Hearts 4.

Bringing Wish Into Kingdom Hearts 4

The Kingdom Hearts series, if you’re unfamiliar, follows Sora, Donald, and Goofy as they traverse different worlds from Disney. The series has also established that these worlds originated from a place called Scala ad Caelum before they were separated. If Kingdom Hearts 4 picks up this thread, it would have to contend with the newly established Wish lore as an alternative explanation for where the Disney worlds originate.

Not The Disney Most Know

At the same time, Kingdom Hearts 4 is also kind of its own thing and doesn’t necessarily have to abide by the strict Disney canon when building out its own concepts. After all, this is a series where Buzz Lightyear and Woody have faced off against entities known as the Heartless and Mickey is a Keyblade Master and hardened warrior. It’s not necessarily the Disney we know from the movies and cartoons.

A Wish Workaround

kingdom hearts

It seems likely that Kingdom Hearts 4 would just ignore the Wish canon altogether and continue to do its own thing. Of course, if Disney and Square decide that the Wish universe is somewhere Sora and company need to visit in the game, then it might be a different story. With that being said, the Kingdom Hearts storyline is infamously convoluted as it is, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they worked in some weird Wish workaround.

No Release Date For Kingdom Hearts 4

In any case, Kingdom Hearts 4 is sure to continue adding overly complex storylines to its own lore while giving players some great combat and fun Disney-based worlds to explore in the meantime. The fact that Wish has been such a big miss for Disney also means that we likely won’t be seeing Kingdom Hearts incorporate that film anytime soon. We’ll just have to wait and see what Disney and Square are cooking up to find out.