Kill Bill 3 Is Quentin Tarantino’s Final Movie?

By Annie Banks | 1 month ago

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Quentin Tarantino has made it clear that his tenth project will double as his final feature. After Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, his ninth movie was released in 2019, the pressure has been on Quentin Tarantino to disclose what the final piece may be. The filmmaker has developed an impressive reputation around the equation that he uses to create his films, usually involving a dramatic punch in the near-tail end of his work that sends a jolt through the rest of the movie. Quentin Tarantino has created cult-followed works, including the two Kill Bill films. Apparently, it’s possible Kill Bill 3 will his cinematic reign.

A fairly safe response was issued from the director when pressed about whether Kill Bill 3 will be his concluding movie. “Why not?” Quentin Tarantino said to reporters who attended the Rome Film Festival, where he received a lifetime achievement award presented to him by an Italian maestro of the horror genre, Dario Argento. The writer-director may step back from creating works for the big screens, but his career in the arts is far from over. Quentin Tarantino is currently crafting a book on film criticism and a television series. He shared with Italian talk show host Fabio Fazio that he wants “to make a comedy first.”

There was a bit of clarification added that the comedy is not going to be like his next movie, but refused to describe what his next project may be. According to IMDB, there is Kill Bill 3 listed as an upcoming film, though all details are heavily kept under wraps by the website. A rumor has been circulating that Zendaya will be added to the cast, and the actress took to responding in a directly dismissive way. She said she was flattered by the idea of partaking in such an iconic film series, but took note that the rumor was “just an idea.”

Kill Bill saw success through both of its films and has been referenced through an abundance of pop culture. While there isn’t exactly a demand for a third installation into the saga, it would serve as fitting send off to Quentin Tarantino’s cinematic history. Previously, there were rumors around the idea that the director would try his hand at directing a title in the Star Trek universe, and had credited the influence of 1930s “gangster” movies as his means of inspiration.

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Rod Roddenberry, son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, spoke up on his conflicted feelings towards Quentin Tarantino’s interpretation. Tarantino’s planned film was stuffed with violence and coarse language, much as Kill Bill 3 could be assuming it’s anything like Tarantino’s other films. Roddenberry noted that people who have praised his father’s work have mentioned the inspiration that comes along with it.

While Quentin Tarantino may be simply playing with the idea that Kill Bill 3 will conclude his cinematic run, or whether his next creation may come from elsewhere, it’s yet to be fully known as the filmmaker has still hesitated on announcing what his final project may be.