Kevin Hart To Join The DC Universe?

Dwayne Johnson revealed there are a "few characters" that Kevin Hart could be cast as for DC.

By James Brizuela | Published

If you have ever watched any sort of promotion between Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, you would be hard-pressed to find a more hilarious pairing. The two often make fun of one another to the point that neither can keep a straight face when out taking interviews for their upcoming ventures. Johnson was recently asked about Hart eventually making his way to DC, to which he responded with, “There’s a place for Kevin, and there are a few characters who we have in mind.”

Well, to be fair, Kevin Hart has already joined DC. He recently appeared alongside Dwayne Johnson in the DC League of Super-Pets movie. While Johnson took on the role of Superman’s famous dog, Krypto, Hart is Batman’s lesser-known pooch, Ace. Ace is a completely made-up character and has not appeared in comics like Krypto, but Hart was technically still in a DC movie.

When it comes to superhero roles, it is a bit odd that Kevin Hart has not made his way over to the DCEU yet. While we know there are some people that might take umbrage with what we are about to suggest, we could see Hart come in as Mr. Mxyzptlk. The trickster deity is made famous by always appearing in the Superman comics and ventures, and always causing mayhem.

dwayne johnson kevin hart

Kevin Hart is going to be taking on the butt-kicking role of Roland in the Borderlands movie adaptation, which works perfectly, and we could also see him in a role like that for DC as well. We have not yet seen the movie version of the Hal Jordan Green Lantern, and that would also be perfect for Hart. Even Guy Gardner would work out quite well, as Hart has the proclivity to be the sarcastic funny gun in most of his movies already.

We also understand that Dwayne Johnson would likely want Kevin Hart to make his DC debut in something that involving Black Adam, but the sequel movie could bring in any manner of DC heroes or villains to help or aid the character, so that could mean Hart could come in as anyone presumably.

Dwayne Johnson is also attempting to expand the DCEU by a great margin, and he currently has the pull to likely bring in just about anyone. Bringing in Kevin Hart just makes sense for all parties concerned, and he could take on the role of many DC heroes or villains that have not yet been introduced into the live-action format. Black Adam doesn’t have a sidekick, but he could partner with another hero or villain.

Kevin Hart certainly has a busy schedule of his own, as he is a globe-trotting stand-up comic, and appears in many comedy movies that he produces himself. While he might be busy, we would imagine that he would certainly jump at the chance to be indoctrinated into the DC universe, especially if his character was meant to mess with Johnson’s. Next year will paint a broader picture of where DC is headed after Black Adam, Shazam 2, and The Flash all release, and it could mean that Hart and many others will finally make their way to the DC banner.