Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone Finally Has A Return Date

By Faith McKay | 4 weeks ago

kevin costner yellowstone

Every single year for its first three years, Paramount released a season of the Kevin Costner series, Yellowstone, in June. It came out around Father’s Day. That made sense for marketing, since the western is focused on a father figure for the Dutton family. This year, Father’s Day came and went without so much as a trailer from the network. The show posted on its accounts about its characters without mentioning the missing fourth season. Fans commented, saying that they had searched the streaming network’s site on Father’s Day, only to be confused. They all knew when the Kevin Costner show usually came out. The pandemic didn’t seem to cause filming delays, since they’d shared that filming had already completed. Where was Yellowstone season 4? Finally, we have an update.

This update comes two-fold. First, we have a trailer from Paramount that says “coming this fall” at the end. This is huge, since the network had previously said nothing about the upcoming fourth season for Kevin Costner, not even giving fans a social media update. Then, Deadline learned from their sources that Yellowstone season four is said to be coming in November. They don’t have an exact release date, but this is much closer than we’ve had before.

yellowstone season 4

Some were worried that the Kevin Costner show may not even release its fourth season in 2021. This was unacceptable considering that the third season ended on a cliffhanger in the worst way. When we reported on this earlier in the month, we speculated that Paramount might not release Yellowstone season 4 until November. It would make sense that since they missed Father’s Day, they could be waiting until Thanksgiving since they have previously targeted family holidays for the series. While we don’t have an exact date yet, these new release details do make sense for their new release plan, as frustrating as that may be for fans of the Kevin Costner series.

The short Yellowstone season 4 trailer from Paramount came out with the fall release announcement. However, if you have not seen all of Yellowstone’s current three seasons, you do not want to watch the season four release announcement. This one-minute video is made entirely of footage from the end of season three and gives the shocking cliffhanger with Kevin Costner away. However, if you’ve seen all three seasons and are a fan ready to get excited about promises from Paramount+ that the series is finally going to return, and will do it this year, then you can watch the YouTube video below.

With the success of the Kevin Costner show, it’s strange that they weren’t in a hurry to get Yellowstone season four out in the world. Hopefully, Paramount will offer some answers about the delay sometime soon, with a more exact release date for impatient fans.

Another surprise is the late 2021 release for Yellowstone. The Kevin Costner show has been so successful that they’ve already announced a spinoff series. While little is known about that project, it was said to be coming in 2021. It seems improbable that without any further announcements on the series, and with Yellowstone season four not releasing until late in the year, that the 2021 release is still happening. We’ll be keeping our eyes out for updates on that and more news on season four.