Yellowstone Season 4 Was Supposed To Release This Month, Where Is It?

By Faith McKay | 1 month ago

yellowstone season 4

The third season of the Kevin Costner show ended in a big way. Answers for what happens next with the Duttons are desperately needed. Moreover, they’re needed by a lot of people. Yellowstone was one of the most-streamed shows of 2021. Many binged the first three seasons, knowing that every year, the show releases the first episode of the new season around Father’s Day in June. However, that weekend came and went. Yellowstone season 4 was nowhere to be seen. We still don’t even have a trailer for the upcoming season. There has been no word from Paramount. Without offering any explanation or expectations for when the new season is coming, social media accounts for the series are being posted online, and hit with comments from fans wanting news.

The official Yellowstone Instagram account has a bio that says Yellowstone season 4 is coming in 2021, but that’s all the account has decided it needs to share. Fans are not amused. On a recent post Jimmy Hurdstrom “appreciation post“, the actor Jefferson White commented, “Appreciate y’all!! Season 4 is worth the wait, I promise!!”, which seemed to only irritate fans more. They replied, demanding to know when it was coming out. Of course, the actors don’t have those answers. Only Paramount knows what in the world they’re doing. Or at least, fans have to hope and believe they know. Other comments on the post include: “can we stop posting anything other than the series release date. K? Thanks.”.

There are even fans speculating that Yellowstone season 4 has been canceled, but don’t let the commenters fool you. There is no news to support that. Everything that has come out over the past year has given us every reason to believe it’s still coming, even if the show’s marketing is currently taking a bizarre approach of silence.

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The obvious assumption for the whereabouts of Yellowstone season 4 would be that COVID-related filming problems have halted production. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case. The Chief Joseph Ranch is a working ranch in Montana and also the set location for Yellowstone. Back in November 2020, they posted on their Instagram when filming wrapped. So, despite filming delays due to COVID during 2020, Yellowstone season 4 has been filmed. At the time, the ranch said, “Who is excited for the premiere in June?”. Clearly, they also expected the show to premiere on time.

So if it isn’t filming delays, where’s the show? Father’s Day weekend in June was a natural expectation for the family-friendly series. The previous seasons all released around this time. So? Some online rumors are claiming that reshoots are happening for Yellowstone season 4. In fact, they’ve said that casting calls for extras, seemingly for the Dutton family series, have been circulating. This could make sense. They may have needed to wait to do the reshoots until the weather was in agreement, or even had pandemic-delays after all. But in a time like this, when fans are likely to understand those types of delays that have become more normalized, why is Paramount being silent?

While some are worried that a delayed Yellowstone season 4 could mean the Kevin Costner show is being canceled, that seems very unlikely. Not only do we know that the show has been very popular on streaming, but Paramount is working on two different spinoff series for the show. It’s even possible that plans for those shows have made them decide to slow down their season four release schedule to cater to plays for their spinoffs. Perhaps they want there to be a briefer gap between releases? Whatever their reasoning, it does seem most likely that they are still releasing Yellowstone season 4 in 2021.

Unfortunately, if they’re not releasing around Father’s Day, and have a history of capitalizing on family holidays for the series, it isn’t too wild to speculate that the holiday season at the end of the year could be their new target and that’s why they aren’t sharing yet. Without trailers or other promo materials for season four, there’s no reason to think it will be a lot sooner than Thanksgiving. Here’s hoping that speculation is wildly off the mark and Paramount decides to grace fans with the next season of their favorite show as soon as possible.