See Kevin Costner Joke About His Worst Movie

Kevin Costner has a good sense of humor about one of the biggest disasters in his long and many-hatted career. Check it out here.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner has had a lot of ups and downs in his career. After the unprecedented highs of his 1990s heyday, when he was winning Academy Awards left and right and playing Robin Hood without bothering with an English accent, he crashed and burned in the public eye with a notorious little film called Waterworld. While his ambitious, enormously expensive future dystopia knocked him down a peg (or six) in Hollywood, Costner has rebounded in recent years by doing what he was made for and playing stoic men wearing cowboy hats. However, it is nice to know that Kevin Costner seems to have a pretty good sense of humor about Waterworld and himself. Here’s a picture from one of the happier moments of the 2022 Academy Awards:

That is Kevin Costner standing with fellow movie star Jason Momoa. The caption reads “The Mariner meets Aquaman” followed by a cheeky little wave emoji and a fish. “The Mariner” is in reference to Costner’s character in Waterworld, a grizzled, nearly silent mutant who is never given a name. Instead, he is just referenced as “The Mariner,” although almost never within the actual dialogue of the movie. Somewhat more famously (and definitely more current of a reference), Momoa plays Arthur Curry aka Aquaman in the DCEU series of films. It is a fine and amusing meeting of two ocean-based characters, even if one currently stars in a billion-dollar franchise expecting great things from a sequel, and the other one is Jason Momoa. 

But seriously, Kevin Costner is at the moment riding high as the lead actor on Paramount’s Yellowstone. The Taylor Sheridan show is currently one of the biggest phenomenons on television, drawing in increasingly enormous audiences with every season. It has also begun to finally attract critical notice, being nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Awards for the show’s ensemble. It has also been spinning off new shows for Paramount’s increasingly important streaming platform at an alarming rate. As of right now, Yellowstone has one prequel series, has another in development, a sidequel, and probably will be developing Yellowstone 2099 fairly soon.  Much of that success can be credited to Kevin Costner, who has been associated with Western imagery since the beginning of his career. One of his resurgences in the 2000s was his starring role in the History Channel mini-series Hatfields & McCoys, which won Kevin Costner a Primetime Emmy and brought him back to the cowboy hat and squinting genre. 

For his part, Jason Momoa is doing pretty well. He finally managed to give the public an Aquaman that they liked, after years of the character being used as a DC punching bag. His new movie Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is one of Warner Bros’ most anticipated superhero movies for 2022, which is saying something considering how many comic book projects they have upcoming. He also is being rumored to be joining the rapidly growing Sonic the Hedgehog shared universe. But if we had our way, we would be seeing him join Kevin Costner in Waterworld 2: The Mariner V. Aquaman.