Where To Watch Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone And The 1883 Prequel

Take a look at all of the different ways to catch Kevin Costner in Yellowstone as well as the prequel series 1883. There are a few options

By Doug Norrie | Updated

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These days, it can feel like you need a Ph.D. to figure out where to stream certain shows. With some programs airing exclusively on streamers and others mixing and matching between different platforms, it’s not always 100% clear where to catch up with your favorite series and characters. Such is the case with the Kevin Costner-led Yellowstone and the new prequel series 1883. While all technically under the Paramount banner, there are a few different options for watching the Dutton family in all of their iterations. Let’s explore the choices so it’s crystal clear where to find the shows. 

For starters, both Yellowstone and 1883 are available to watch on the Paramount Network (though not completely for the latter). The basic cable channel is available on most service providers. Yellowstone airs on Sundays at 8 PM when it is in season. Kevin Costner and company have been strong performers on the channel where the show has built quite the audience. The series has some of the strongest numbers for the channel with the viewership only growing as the seasons have moved on. Season 4 saw the highest ratings yet for the series and the first episode topped eight million households, nearly quadrupling what it did for the first season. 

Meanwhile, 1883 aired its first episode on Paramount Network but then moved it over to their streamer, Paramount+. They also put the pilot episode on YouTube, so you can check it out for free. New episodes won’t be airing on the Network. This can be confusing. For those who want to watch the new prequel series, you’ll want to check Paramount+ for streaming. Unfortunately, the original Kevin Costner series isn’t on their streaming service. You’ll need to watch it on Paramount Network. This is due to streaming rights. You can purchase individual episodes on streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, but they are not free to watch with a subscription online.

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But have no fear about missing out on Kevin Costner and company because there are some other options for Yellowstone as well. Paramount is featured through some streaming app premium services that you might already have access to. Because it’s a cable channel, Paramount is on Hulu, Sling Blue, Peacock, fuboTV, Philo, and YouTube TV. As of March 28, all of the original Yellowstone series — including season 4 — will be streaming on Peacock. But remember, that 1883 will only be the premiere episode. After that, it’s Paramount+ or bust. 

Of course, both Yellowstone and 1883 follow the Dutton family in their quest to own the largest contiguous ranch in the United States. The original series, starring Kevin Costner and created by Taylor Sheridan, introduced us to the family in the present day, as they maneuver both the local and political environments around this kind of venture. The storytelling is A+ and the show has opened an entirely new world to those who would have thought modern-day ranching was a simplistic venture. It’s anything but, and the show has offered a glimpse into how a business this size becomes interconnected with all dealings in the area. 

Kevin Costner plays the patriarch of the family, John Dutton. The widower leads the way in this series and some of the rest of the cast is rounded out by Luke Grimes (Kayce), Kelly Reilly (Bethany), and Wes Bentley (Jamie). Other notable cast members include Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler), Will Patton, and Piper Perabo. 

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As for 1883, the new series just aired its first episode and is a prequel to the original series. This one follows the grandparents of Kevin Costner’s John Dutton, telling the story of how the family originally made their way across the frontier and established the ranch we know now. Set in the eponymous year, the story follows James and Margaret Dutton, played by real-life couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Sam Elliot is a major player as well, starring as Shea Brennan who is leading the family across the frontier. The series pulls no punches, offering up a seedy and dangerous look at life during this time. It’s anything but poetic, and they set the stage early for just how much blood was spilled in order for the Dutton family to reach their current status. 

In all, though Yellowstone has been a sensation through its first four seasons, there is still plenty of chances to catch up with the series and see why Kevin Costner has made yet another star turn. Watching on Paramount Network on cable, or purchasing individual episodes on a service like Amazon, are your options for the original series. Paramount+ will get you the new prequel series 1883 on streaming. As the Yellowstone universe grows, hopefully future projects will be on there as well. There’s time to dive into this world of cattle ranching, whose scope you likely had no idea would be so wide.