Kevin Costner’s Horizon Is the Western Yellowstone Wishes It Could Be, See the Proof

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

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Kevin Costner helped to revitalize the Western genre by starring in Yellowstone, but increased friction between himself and the producers of the show led to this fan-favorite cowboy disappearing into the sunset for good.

That left plenty of fans itching to see more of Costner in full cowboy mode, and if you’re one of those fans, you’re going to need to hold onto your Stetson.

The trailer for Kevin Costner’s latest film Horizon: An American Saga just dropped, and it already looks more like the Western Yellowstone always wished it could be.

If that trailer has you insanely hyped, then you’re in good company, and we’re not just talking about us. When Kevin Costner unveiled the Horizon trailer via Zoom, he exuberantly discussed how “Trailers have always been kind of a favorite part for me, even as a boy going to the movies.”

Kevin Costner said of Horizon, “Trailers have always been kind of a favorite part for me, even as a boy going to the movies.”

He loves the anticipation that a good trailer brings out in audiences, and he tried to cut a trailer (he is both the director and star of the film) that would properly “expose what’s going to be a four-part saga.”

If the quality and intensity of the trailer wasn’t enough to convince you this would be an epic Western adventure, Kevin Costner’s revelation that we’re getting four different films really sells how ambitious Horizon is.

Right now, we only know the release dates for two of the four parts: Chapter 1 is hitting theaters June 28, and Chapter 2 is making its theatrical debut August 16. Unless you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, that might sound like a few too many movies for a single story, but trust us when we say that Kevin Costner has plenty of story to tell.

Kevin Costner Horizon

To start with, Horizon has a story that spans 15 years and covers some major historical events, including the Civil War. For most directors, America’s bloodiest conflict would be the sole focus of a film, but Kevin Costner will also be covering life in America both before and after the war.

This includes both the excitement and danger of the country’s Westward expansion and subsequent settlement, something that we see in the trailer’s depiction of a brutal Native attack.

Kevin Costner’s Horizon is coming in two parts. Chapter 1 is hitting theaters June 28 and Chapter 2 is making its theatrical debut August 16

For Kevin Costner, Horizon is a love letter to the past in more ways than one. In addition to its historical setting, the film has been shot on location in Utah, and the landscape looks nothing short of breathtaking. Such epic Western storytelling shot on location reminds us of John Ford, the director who made one Western classic after another while filming at Monument Valley.

Kevin Costner Horizon

If you’re still not sold, consider this: in addition to Kevin Costner, Horizon is filled with great actors, including Sienna Miller, Michael Rooker, Luke Wilson, and so many more. For those lamenting that cinema is dying out, here is what you’ve been looking for: a modern blockbuster that combines unrelenting vision with unremitting talent.

This epic film is already shaping up to be the cinematic event of the year twice over. If anybody needs us, we’ll be catching the earliest possible show on June 28 to see the killer Western Yellowstone always wished it could be.