See Kate Beckinsale Strut In Latex Pants And A Tube Top In Latest Post

By Nathan Kamal | 4 weeks ago

kate beckinsale

So it’s not enough that Kate Beckinsale has a Mensa-level IQ, according to a recent interview she gave Howard Stern. She also has to look fantastic, be able to effortlessly charm on social media, kick ass in vampire films and have an incredibly adorable cat. It should not be a surprise that with all these arrows in her quiver, Beckinsale is currently rocking over five million followers on Instagram. Especially when she manages to work both latex and a tube top along with the aforementioned cat into a new post. 

In the post, Kate Beckinsale begins with a short video of her doing an exaggeratedly sassy, sexy strut towards the camera while holding her cat Clive under one arm. Clive, for the record, appears to be wearing a carrot outfit and taking this whole thing as well as a grumpy-looking cat can. But once you have moved over to the next slide, we move from Beckinsale’s near-dance of a walk down her hallway to Clive nestled on her pajama clad legs, right by some fuzzy slippers with embroidery leaving no questions as to how Beckinsale is feeling. The caption? “Before and after Xmas.” Check out the post from Kate Beckinsale here:   

Kate Beckinsale’s Instagram account is full of posts like these. The 48-year old British actress manages to balance a tone between silly, sexy and saucy. In another recent post, the once and maybe future star of the Underworld series shows her cycling through all the types of posts she likes to employ. First, dismally clutching an umbrella emblazoned “f*cking rain?” Check. Second, an electronic sign promoting holiday spirit over Covid-19? Got it. Third, Beckinsale and her son behind a 1990s-era Ice Cube air freshener while wearing reindeer antlers? Yep. And of course, four: the star herself pushing a heavy-looking wheelbarrow up a ramp before slipping and being covered in what is hopefully hay. Check out Kate Beckinsale’s post below:

Beginning in the late 1990s, Kate Beckinsale has been a reliable and welcome presence in Hollywood. After starring as a WWII-era nurse stuck in a love triangle between Ben Affleck and Josh Harnett in Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor (a very early 2000s situation to be in), her star status was confirmed. She then moved into the romantic comedy blockbuster arena with Serendipity, a charming movie with John Cusack. It was only a few years later that she caught her career-defining role as Selene in the Underworld films. That franchise has stretched into five movies and a combined box office gross of $539 million (per The Numbers), which isn’t bad for a vampire series that isn’t Twilight. 

More recently, Kate Beckinsale has starred in the Paramount + streaming series, Guilty Party. She plays Beth Burgess, a disgraced reporter investigating a murder story. The first season wrapped up earlier this month, so we will have to wait until 2022 to see if we get a season two. But if you need more Kate Beckinsale, all you have to do is log into Instagram and you’re bound to get something silly and seductive (and also Clive the cat).