Joel Kinnaman’s Grittiest Action Movie Is Streaming On Netflix

By Doug Norrie | Published

joel kinnaman

While we might love him (before) as Rick Flag in the DC Universe, this dude has more to offer on the big screen. For those purposes, Joel Kinnaman is diving deep undercover in The Informer. If you’re used to seeing Kinnaman fighting futuristic crimes, leading rag-tag groups of superpowered convicts, or stepping into robotic suits, prepare to see him in a whole new light. 

This time, he’s Pete Koslow, a man straddling the dangerous worlds of the FBI and the mafia. With a setting as gritty as New York’s underworld and Joel Kinnaman’s masterful portrayal, The Informer is set to keep you at the edge of your seat. As allegiances blur and stakes rise, one question remains: How far will Kinnaman’s character go to save himself and his family?

Joel Kinnaman in The Informer

What was meant to be a straightforward operation to take down the mafia from the inside soon turns messy, as our man Pete finds himself caught in a devastating trap.

When a drug deal goes fatally wrong, Joel Kinnaman as Koslow is thrust into a no-win situation. With the blood of an undercover NYPD cop on his hands (even if indirectly), the FBI, led by agents Wilcox (played by the impeccable Rosamund Pike) and Montgomery (Clive Owen, in a role as layered as his many film personas), pushes Koslow to go deeper, returning to Bale Hill Prison. 

Joel Kinnaman stars as an undercover agent trying to infiltrate the mafia in The Informer

His mission? To orchestrate a drug operation from within its walls, all while evading the watchful and vengeful eyes of the mob, particularly its fearsome leader, Rysard (a role Eugenio Derbez dives into with chilling finesse).

As tensions rise and Koslow’s position becomes more precarious, The Informer dives deep into themes of loyalty, sacrifice, and the blurred lines between right and wrong.

Joel Kinnaman’s portrayal is a masterclass in tension, presenting a character caught between his commitment to his family, his handlers, and his own survival instincts. As the walls close in, Koslow must navigate a maze of deception, threats, and shifting loyalties.

Supporting Kinnaman, Rosamund Pike delivers a riveting performance as the dedicated yet morally torn Agent Wilcox. Clive Owen, always reliable in roles that require gravitas, doesn’t disappoint as the morally ambiguous Montgomery. The cast is rounded out by Ana de Armas, who portrays Koslow’s wife, Sophia, a pillar of strength and love amidst the chaos.

With its star-studded ensemble and Kinnaman leading the charge, The Informer is a thrilling journey into the underworld of crime, where every move could be your last and trust is a luxury few can afford.

Joel Kinnaman Received Praise For His Role In The Informer

Upon its release, The Informer garnered a mixed bag of reactions from critics. While many lauded Joel Kinnaman’s intense and multifaceted portrayal of Pete Koslow, pointing out his skill in navigating a character trapped amidst ethical quandaries, some felt the film followed a formulaic pattern familiar to fans of the crime-thriller genre. 

Critics praised the supporting performances, especially Rosamund Pike’s steadfast portrayal of Agent Wilcox and Clive Owen’s nuanced take on Montgomery. The film’s pacing and tension-building were other highlights, with audiences gripped by the escalating stakes and the no-way-out situation Koslow finds himself in.

joel kinnaman
Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag for DC

Yet, some critics opined that, despite its strong performances, the movie occasionally stumbled into genre clichés, reducing the impact of certain narrative twists.

Financially speaking, The Informer faced an uphill battle in a crowded market of big-budget blockbusters and franchise films. Released in a competitive window, the film managed to carve a niche for itself among fans of gritty crime dramas, though it couldn’t top the charts with mega numbers.

While it didn’t set the box office on fire, it achieved respectable figures, particularly considering its modest budget. 

The movie performed well in select European markets, with Joel Kinnaman’s growing international appeal proving beneficial. However, it was clear that The Informer‘s strength lay more in its storytelling and performances than in its blockbuster potential, making it a choice pick for those seeking a suspenseful and character-driven crime drama.

Check it out for yourself with Joel Kinnaman leading the way in The Informer on Netflix. His run as Rick Flag is likely done for DC (thanks to the Peacemaker), but this guy remains underrated as a Hollywood talent.