Jodie Whittaker Is Returning For New Doctor Who Spinoff

A new spinoff has been developed for Doctor Who that will see Jodie Whittaker reprise her role as the 13th Doctor before she exits the seires later this year.

By James Brizuela | Published

jodie whittaker doctor who

Jodie Whittaker is returning as the Doctor for one more adventure that many fans might not see coming. Instead of part of her farewell tour of Doctor Who involving another live-action show, she is to reprise her role as the Doctor for a different type of series. A Doctor Who podcast is being developed called Doctor Who: Redacted, and Whittaker will be reprising her role for the voice-driven medium. Podcasts are certainly one of the most used entertainment mediums on the planet, and it seems as if we are returning to the days of old when families would sit around the radio and listen to old-time radio shows that involved voice acting and sound effects.

Doctor Who: Redacted will debut on April 17th, the same day as the Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils spring special. The 10-part mini-series is being developed by BBC Sounds and will feature plenty of known characters from the show, including Jodie Whittaker. Cleo Proctor, Abby McPhail, and Shawna Thompson are the characters which the series will be surrounding, while they bump into Doctor Who regulars Rani Chandra, Kate Stewart, Petronella Osgood, Madame Vastra, and the Doctor herself. Juno Dawson is said to be the lead writer on this new Doctor Who podcast.

Jodie Whittaker doctor who

Doctor Who: Redacted follows the lives of Cleo, Abby, and Shawna as they attempt to uncover the conspiracy theory concocted by the three girls. They all live across the UK but stay connected through their podcast, “The Blue Box Files”. Abby is convinced that the “Blue Box” that keeps mentioning in history is that of an alien spacecraft. While they don’t know if the Doctor or space and time travel are real, they begin to unravel the truth about this conspiracy theory. Those who have known the Doctor or know too much are being wiped out of history, redacted, if you will. The three girls are the world’s only hope to stop these random disappearances. This podcast sure sounds like a lot of fun, and it clearly has the star power behind it to be exciting. Especially considering Jodie Whittaker is jumping on board. It sounds like a completely different take on the Doctor Who series and one that could be fun to listen to.

Jodie Whittaker is set to take her bow later this year, but it appears as if she plans to remain busy until that ending moment. The spring special is one of the last few live-action specials that she will be a part of, and this podcast is another different medium that she will appear in. While there are no plans for any animations of Doctor Who, she could certainly sign on for that and complete the trifecta of entertainment for her final time as the Doctor.

Doctor Who began back in 1963, before waning around 1996. The series was all but dead before it witnessed a revival in 2005. The show became a cultural staple in the later 2000s and 2010s, with Jodie Whittaker serving as the now 13th Doctor. She is the first female to ever take the role and her time is ending this year. Though there are no details about the next Doctor, rumors have been speculating about Hugh Grant taking over. Fans of the show should do well to watch the final spring special and listen to Doctor Who: Redacted to soak up as much Whittaker as they can before she exits the show.