Two Of Jim Carrey’s Greatest Movies Are Now Free To Stream

Everyone can now stream these two Jim Carrey greats for free online. Here's how.

By Rick Gonzales | Published

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Throughout Jim Carrey’s nearly 40 years on screen, he has made a number of movies that have tickled the funny bone time and time again. He has also made a number of movies that not only make you smile but also make you feel. Two movies, The Mask and The Truman Show, both considered to be of his finest, are now available to watch for free on YouTube Movies.

Jim Carrey has a long list of hilarious characters he has played. From Ace Ventura all the way through his most recent, Doctor Robotnik, he always seems to elicit smiles. One of his more fun and famous characters was introduced in the 1994 wild comedy The Mask.

Jim Carrey played Stanley Ipkiss, a mild-mannered banker who leaned more toward a loser than he did a winner. But Stanley’s life changes when he happens upon an ancient mask that when worn turns him into his alter ego, the complete opposite of who he is, but someone who is zany and confident, and has the cartoonish superhuman ability to change himself and stuff around him into practically anything he wants.

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Stanley falls in love at first sight with Tina (Cameron Diaz) in her feature film debut. But Tina is gangster Dorian Tyrell’s (Peter Greene) gal. The Mask, though, won’t have it. He foils Tyrell’s attempt at a bank robbery and in the process begins to woo Tina.

As you may expect, the hijinks go into overdrive as The Mask is let loose upon society. One of the bigger set pieces comes in the middle of the movie, a musical dance and singing number that has Jim Carrey performing the song Cuban Pete while mesmerizing the entire police force as they join in.

The Mask showcases Jim Carrey’s immense talent for physical comedy. As Stanley, Carrey is able to show the softer side of his personality while as The Mask, he is able to go for the jugular in laughs.

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The movie was an immediate hit and came right in the middle of perhaps Jim Carrey’s three most famous films, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Mask, then Dumb and Dumber. 1994 was a good year for Jim Carrey, to say the least.

With The Truman Show, Jim Carrey tapped into something most unexpected. A true acting career. For the most part, up until The Truman Show knocked on his door, Carrey portrayed over-the-top caricatures, none grounded in reality. With Liar, Liar, the movie he made prior to The Truman Show, Carrey began to find more grounded characters, though his physical brand of comedy was still on full display. The Truman Show had its share of smiles, but it wasn’t the over-the-top comedy fans knew Jim Carrey for.

The story follows the life of Truman Burbank. Always cheerful, always approachable, Truman is the star of his own reality TV show. The problem is Truman is unaware of it. Thousands of hidden cameras are set up all over Truman’s town Seahaven Island, his home, anywhere he could go, audiences are watching Truman 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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From birth, the world has watched Truman grow. The experimental reality show was the brainchild of Christof (Ed Harris) that took the world by storm. A huge set was built for the show, one that placed Truman on an island and that instilled fear of water in Truman so he would stay put.

During the show’s 30th anniversary, Jim Carrey’s Truman begins to notice unusual things around town. A spotlight falls from the sky. A radio frequency describing his exact movements. For the first time, Truman begins to suspect things may not be what they appear to be. Truman begins to change his daily routine. He then takes his “wife” Meryl (Laura Linney) on an impromptu road trip as his suspicions continue to grow. To stop Truman from discovering his life is a set, Christof introduces a number of increasing emergencies to stop him.

Now, Truman is like a dog with a bone. He knows something is off and tends to figure it all out. Christof, on the other hand, does whatever he can to stop Truman.

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The Truman Show introduces to fans of Jim Carrey a side never seen before. He plays Truman reserved with an abundant amount of pathos. The film was a critical hit, receiving numerous awards. Many felt that Carrey’s performance would get him an Oscar nod for best actor and even though it wasn’t meant to be, his role as Truman is often considered the finest of his career.

Both movies solidified Jim Carrey’s status as the most popular comedic actor of the ’90s. It was a status Carrey would hold on to through the early 2000s. From that point on, Jim Carrey would make a series of missteps, ones that would derail his career, ones that he is slowly emerging from.

If you want to see Jim Carrey at the height of his career, head on over to YouTube Movies and check out The Mask and The Truman Show.