Jeopardy! Fans Are Angry Over Worst Category Of All Time

Many fans dislike the new Jeopardy! category that asks contestants to answer random movie crossover questions.

By Charlene Badasie | Updated

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Jeopardy! fans have slammed the game show for its new category after contestants were left stumped by the clues during the June 19 episode. Let’s Make a Movie Crossover was introduced by Mayim Bialik in the Double Jeopardy! round. The host explained there are two parts to each response – or two movie/television show components.

According to the Daily Mail, the first clue for $1,200 was, “You stay classy, Kali! A 2004 San Diego news anchorman and a 1984 Indiana Jones title structure.” When no one buzzed in, Bailik explained that the answer was “Ron Burgundy and The Temple of Doom.” One contestant audibly scoffed, and everyone on stage laughed before a new clue for $1,600 was read out.

“An Alan Rickman Die Hard villain wants those detonators from a title Great Dane of 2002!” the Jeopardy! clue read. Mary Kate Gleidt, a nonprofit director from Missouri, answered with Hans Gruber Beethoven. But while she was close, the correct answer was Hans Gruber and Scooby Doo. The revelation prompted returning champion Ben Goldstein to respond with a brief “No.”

The final Jeopardy! clue read, “In 2022, Jeff Bezos awarded her $100M to give to charitable causes because she gives with her heart.” The answer, which no one guessed, was Dolly Parton. Gleidt forfeited her $100 after guessing Oprah Winfrey, while Goldstein suffered a loss of $1,000 for guessing Lady Gaga, leaving him with a remaining balance of $9,000 for the episode.

Additionally, due to a total of 19 incorrect responses, this Jeopardy! episode turned out to be the second lowest-scoring one throughout the entire season, resulting in a harsh reaction from fans. “That movie category was horrendous. Not even a mashup or a pun. Just two random things. Awful,” one person wrote on social media.

Other Jeopardy! fans shared the sentiment with comments like, “These clues are terrible. Ken [Jennings], as producer – shake things up, or this will be your legacy.” However, some folks criticized the contestants for not getting any answers correct, saying, “I’m not so sure any of these contestants lately could win a middle school Jeopardy tournament!”

Another person used the failed category as a chance to take jabs at host Mayim Bialik. “This was one of the worst. I now tape it and fast-forward through half the show. No longer must-see TV. And Mayim gets worse by the day.”

Ken Jennings will resume his hosting duties from June 3 until the game show breaks for the summer on July 28.

Ken Jennings Jeopardy

Since his remarkable 74-game winning streak in 2004, Ken Jennings has been an integral part of Jeopardy! Following the unfortunate passing of legendary host Alex Trebek in November 2020, the 49-year-old former contestant has co-hosted the enduring game show alongside Mayim Bialik.

Jennings revealed in a recent interview that if he were responsible for casting decisions, he wouldn’t have chosen himself for the job. Although hosting Jeopardy! is his “dream job,” Jennings admitted that he would have selected another candidate. “I would go with a sturdy broadcaster with decades of experience, not just somebody who happened to be good at the show many years ago.”

“But luckily, they took a chance on me,” the Washington native confessed. “I kind of have to pinch myself every day. I do not take it for granted,” Jennings added about his Jeopardy! hosting duties. “I was 100% confident I would not get a shot at the job because that would be insane.”

Jeopardy! is a famous quiz show created in 1964 by Merv Griffin, who introduced a unique twist to the traditional game show format. During a conversation with his wife, Griffin thought of giving contestants the answers instead of the questions. This innovative approach became the cornerstone of Jeopardy!.

Contestants are presented with answers and must respond with the corresponding question, reversing the typical question-and-answer format. Jeopardy! covers various topics, testing contestants’ knowledge across multiple categories. With its distinctive structure and challenging gameplay, Jeopardy! has captivated audiences for years.