Jennifer Lopez Really Almost Died For One Of Her Movies

Jennifer Lopez shared a story to her Shotgun Wedding co-stars about how Josh Duhamel stopped her from going over a cliff.

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

jennifer lopez
Jennifer Lopez in Shotgun Wedding

Jennifer Lopez’s new movie, Shotgun Wedding, might be about a couple in danger as they flee from pirates in the Philippines, but the movie was also extremely dangerous to film. In a promotional video for the feature posted to BuzzFeed Celeb’s YouTube channel, J. Lo told her fellow cast mates about one stunt gone bad that nearly resulted in the singer/actress falling over the edge of a cliff.

In the video, BuzzFeed has the cast of Shotgun Wedding play a game called “Who’s Who?” where each actor points to the castmate that they think is the best fit as the answer to a question presented by the BuzzFeed team. While Steve Coulter and Jennifer Coolidge tied for the actor most likely to make the others laugh in the middle of a take, Jennifer Lopez and her on-screen fiancé, Josh Duhamel, tied for most likely to nail a stunt on the first take. J. Lo agreed with the consensus, saying she and Josh got “pretty good” at nailing their stunts. 

However, the “Jenny From the Block” singer admitted that there was one instance where a Shotgun Wedding stunt went so bad that it almost cost the actress her life. In the film, Jennifer Lopez plays Darcy Rivera, a bride-to-be whose wedding got crashed by pirates. In one of the misadventures Darcy and her fiancé Tom Fowler (Duhamel) face in their desperate search for authorities, Darcy’s wedding dress gets caught under the wheel of a golf cart that ends up flying over the edge of a cliff. According to J. Lo, in one of the takes, the wedding dress the actress was wearing actually got caught under the wheel, and it almost took the actress over the edge along with it.

jennifer lopez
Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel in Shotgun Wedding

Jennifer Lopez excitedly retold the story to her castmates about the experience she had with the stunt gone bad and how she remembered clinging to Duhamel and begging him not to let her go. Luckily, Duhamel held on tight, and J. Lo recalled the actor being like, “You go, we go!” Fortunately, neither was harmed in the incident, though Jennifer Lopez recalled it being a scary experience and not fun.

In addition to Jennifer Lopez’s terrifying adventure, her co-star Josh Duhamel nearly died in an off-screen accident where he was also almost tossed over the edge of a cliff. On The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the actor recalled a moment in his downtime when he got caught up in a rogue wave that happened to cross into a normally calm cove the actor often visited. On the show, Duhamel remembered filming on his phone 30-foot waves crashing over the cliff in the cove when one of them came up over the edge and snatched him up. 

It seems the whole cast of Shotgun Wedding is pretty lucky because, like Jennifer Lopez, Duhamel managed to avoid being thrown over the edge of the cliff. However, he said that his whole body was turned into “hamburger” from the bruising the accident caused. At the time, Duhamel avoided telling anyone about the incident because he was worried that if the film’s studio, Lionsgate, found out, he would be fired from the movie.