Jeffrey Dean Morgan Won’t Be In This Hit Superhero Series

There had been talk of Jeffrey Dean Morgan possibly joining a superhero franchise, but now it's not clear if that's going to happen

By Doug Norrie | Updated

jeffrey dean morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is already part of one of the biggest television franchises out there, having starred in The Walking Dead for a number of seasons with a spin-off series in the works as well. Plus, he was part of one of the longest-running television franchises on record. So it’s been a good run. And recently has been rumored to possibly join back up with some folks from that latter show. There had been talk of Morgan cameoing on Amazon’s The Boys in some form or fashion with a couple of old colleagues working on that series. But that’s looking less and less to be the case with the actor and production unable to clear some hurdles in getting it done.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the original plan had been for Jeffrey Dean Morgan to make an appearance in Season 3 of Amazon’s The Boys where he would have joined Supernatural creator Eric Kripke and star Jensen Ackles. The mini-reunion had been planned as a side story for this season, but they weren’t able to make it happen, at least this time around. That’s because it seems Jeffrey Dean Morgan has just been too busy to fit that production into his schedule, a testament to just how in-demand the actor is right now. 

Jensen Ackles had said that there were certainly talks about Jeffrey Dean Morgan joining him on The Boys in some capacity for this season, though they were non-specific around what that role could have looked like. Ackles and Morgan worked together on Supernatural with the latter coming on as a recurring guest character throughout the entire run of the acclaimed series. Morgan played John Winchester, the father of Jensen Ackles’ Dean and Jared Padalecki’s Sam. There is a Supernatural prequel show planned for next year on the CW with Jensen Ackles on as one of the creators, but Jeffrey Dean Morgan won’t reprise his role as John there. The part has been recast because it’s a much younger version of the character. Eric Kripke created both Supernatural and now The Boys, giving even more overlap among all involved.

One of the reasons Jeffrey Dean Morgan is so busy right now is that he’s starting to wrap up the final run of The Walking Dead where he’s played the character of Negan since 2016. Appearing in 95 episodes to date, Morgan’s turn as the evil, though somewhat conflicted character has been one of the true television turns. And though the show is set to wrap up its initial storyline, Morgan will carry on as the character in a miniseries, Isle of the Dead. That will see his character and Lauren Cohan’s Maggie traveling to what is left of Manhattan in this post-apocalyptic zombie world. While there is no exact timeline on that series, it should come rather quickly after The Walking Dead goes off the air.

As for The Boys, though there will be no Jeffrey Dean Morgan in this season, the show is set to hit Amazon on June 3rd for what looks to be a pretty awesome new run of stories in this world.