See Jensen Ackles Do A Hilarious Anti-Drug PSA As The Boys’ Soldier Boy

Check out Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy doing an anti-drug PSA for The Boys Season 3. This guy is going to be the anti-Captain America.

By Doug Norrie | Published

jensen ackles

It won’t be long until we have The Boys Season 3 back on Amazon, a welcome return to this superhero world that’s gone completely off the rails in a pretty hilarious and gory way. Each season has introduced some new folks to the mix, ones right from the original comic pages. And this time around will be no different. Jensen Ackles is one of the folks joining the Supe ranks, and he’s promising to be one of the “worst” of the bunch before it’s all said and done.

And as Amazon is wont to do with this show, we are getting some promotional material that looks like it comes from the world itself, this time in the form of a Public Service Announcement with Jensen Ackles in character as Soldier Boy. Courtesy of Vought International, the group responsible for Compound V and all the problems it has created in this world is also putting out anti-drug PSAs, and Soldier Boy is reminding the masses why doing drugs is a bad idea. Check out Jensen Ackles going to work getting ready for Season 3 of The Boys. 

Awesome. The nostalgic vibe is perfect considering this character, in The Boys, originated in World War II and it’s not a coincidence that he has a nearly identical look to Marvel’s Steve Rogers/ Captain America. That’s very much purposeful and Soldier Boy, like many other The Boys characters is supposed to be a grim antithesis to those characters. Rest assured, even though he’s doing this PSA, Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy will have very little overlap with the moral and ethical compass that Chris Evans as Captain America had for Marvel. It’s setting up for him to be about the exact opposite outside of look.

The Boys Season 3 is set to air on Amazon on June 3rd, now more than a year and a half after Season 2 wrapped up in the Fall of 2020. It’s been a long time coming and this season is sure to have a number of surprises. In addition to Jensen Ackles joining the cast as Soldier Boy, there will be some other cast additions as well. Laurie Holden is on as the Crimson Countess, while Patton Oswalt and Sean Patrick Flanery are in the mix as well. Plus, in addition to some new folks coming on, it looks like time-tested characters will be getting an upgrade as well. It sure looks like from early trailers that Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher might have downs some of the aforementioned Compound V in order to begin leveling the playing field. There could be a lot on the line this season.

The first episode of The Boys Season 3 is titled “Payback” a reference to the group that Soldier Boy is the leader of in the comic books. It stands to reason, at least in this way, that Jensen Ackles features heavily to begin this run of episodes. And he sure looks the part as Soldier Boy. Eat your heart our Captain America.