Jeffrey Dean Morgan To Play DC Comics’ Lobo

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is angling to play an iconic DC character.

By Apeksha Bagchi | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s resume is overflowing with stellar comic book roles and the actor is all ready to add more characters to the list. While the actor’s name has cropped up as a worthy contender for multiple Marvel and DC characters that are yet to debut, Morgan himself has been a huge fan of the DC anti-hero, Lobo, for years. A film by Warner Bros. centered on the character has been in development hell for years but Morgan has recently hinted that he might be working on an upcoming Lobo project. 

In his recent appearance on CinePOP, the Walking Dead star was asked about the DC characters he would love to play and after pitching that he hopes to play Batman from a different reality soon, his next choice was DC’s Lobo. While Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been pretty vocal in the past about wanting to play the character, this time he shared that he has something “cooking,” hinting that maybe he is in talks with Warner Bros. for a potential standalone Lobo film or perhaps an appearance of the character in some upcoming DC film.

As stated above, during the chat, Jeffrey Dean Morgan also expressed the desire to play Batman in the Flashpoint timeline, which will be set up by the upcoming Flash movie. But at the same time, he believes that he has a 2-3 year window in which he can play the character after which he will be too old for the part.

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While the chances of Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing Batman are rather slim – what with Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck already appearing in the role – he can still portray Lobo in future DC films. Lobo is a popular DC Comics antihero and has often been compared to Marvel’s Deadpool. In the comics, he is an intergalactic bounty hunter and is the last of his species as he hunted down the rest as a part of his “science experiment.” 

After watching Jeffrey Dean Morgan effortlessly play characters like Negan on The Walking Dead and John Winchester in Supernatural, no one is a better choice than the actor to bring the gun-toting, leather-clad, super-strong, and extremely violent superhero Lobo to life on the silver screen. 

And what’s more, is that Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been expressing the desire to play Lobo ever since the plans for a film debuting the DC character were announced for the first time in 2009. In 2018, during a convention, he once again shared that he wanted to play the antihero one day in a movie. 

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But for years, the project has been in limbo, though Jeffrey Dean Morgan is not the only actor whose name crops up when one mentions Lobo. In 2012, the plans for the film were momentarily picked up as Deadline reported that Brad Peyton had been brought on board to write and direct the film, with Dwayne Johnson announcing that he is in talks with the studio to portray Lobo. But then both Peyton and Johnson left the project, making the film’s future uncertain. Since 2018, the studio has been trying to get directors like Michael Bay and Tim Miller (Deadpool) on board, but nothing has been officially announced. So, here is to hoping that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is indeed teasing a potential Lobo project and we might be finally getting the highly anticipated live-action adaptation of the character.