Jason Segel Is Making A Comeback

Jason Segel is making a comeback. A movie he wrote and will star in was just sold to a streamer. It will mark his first feature film in a bit

By Doug Norrie | Updated

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From a big-budget movie perspective, Jason Segel has remained relatively low over the last few years. Sure, he’s been working on a number of different projects, but few of them have been of the feature-length film variety. That is about to change though with Deadline reporting that Segel is starring in Windfall with a couple of other big names. It is a major deal with Netflix and this could be a bit different of a movie than we are used to seeing from Segel. 

According to the reporting, Windfall was acquired by the streamer for more than $10 million dollars and is being touted as a “Hitchcockian” thriller about a couple who arrive at their vacation home and realize someone has robbed the place. Jason Segel developed the story and it is already in the can with the team recently shopping it to various streamers. Netflix apparently won the bidding war, a sign that they really might have something on their hands here. 

Joining Jason Segel in the cast is Lilly Collins who most recently appeared in films like Mank and Tolkien and has worked with Netflix before on the Emmy-nominated Emily in Paris where she has the starring role. Jesse Plemons is also on board to star with his star continually on the rise as well. He’s been in Jungle Cruise and Jesus and the Black Messiah and will join Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio in Killers of the Flower Moon next year. 

While Jason Segel hasn’t been working the feature film route lately, he did create and star in Dispatches From Elsewhere on AMC. The series was a critical hit and was loosely based on a pamphlet Segel stumbled on one day that began to unlock a mystery. It is a winding show, artistic and layered that does keep audiences guess. Charlie McDowell directed the season finale and will also be at the helm of Windfall. 

It’s hard to believe the Forgetting Sarah Marshall is more than 13 years old at this point, hitting screens all the way back in 2008. That movie, along with his run on How I Met Your Mother made Jason Segel a household name. And he’s been prolific in the years since taking on roles in other comedies like Sex Tape and Five-Year Engagement along with awesome supporting parts in other comedies like Bad Teacher or even playing David Foster Wallace in the gripping and sad The End of the Tour. But in recent years, he’s really made it a point to be discerning with his on-screen choices. That’s what makes this announcement around Windfall all the more intriguing. 

Netflix did not announce a timeline for when we will see Jason Segel and company hit the screen for Windfall, but by early accounts, it’s shaping up to be another strong offering from the actor and writer. He also has The Sky is Everywhere in development for Apple TV, meaning the Jason Segel comeback, as it were, is in full effect.