Jason Momoa Has A New Streaming Series On The Way

Jason Momoa has a new show on HBO Max coming out.

By Tristan Zelden | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Do you like rock climbing? Do you like competition shows? Do you like Jason Momoa? How about a rock climbing competition show with the Game of Thrones actor as the host? Well, if you have said yes to each question, then HBO Max has you covered.

The Climb will be an eight-episode show hosted by Jason Momoa. Joining the 41-year-old actor to run the show will be the world-renowned rock climber Chris Sharma. He has been climbing for 20 years and has gone around the world to conquer the highest and mightiest formations. If there was going to be someone to co-host the show, there are not many people who are more credible.

The premise is that contestants will go around the world to complete difficult challenges. The one who manages to win will get to claim the title of the World’s Best Amateur Rock Climber. Like any competition show, there will be some other prize, most likely money. Plus, they get to meet Jason Momoa, which is one of the best rewards you can get after being in first place on a reality TV show.

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Jason Momoa will produce the series with his production company On the Roam with Intellectual Property Corporation, a subsidiary of Industrial Media. Acting as the executive producers will be Eli Holzman, Aaron Saidman, Matt Shanfield, Momoa, Brian Mendoza, James Mendoza, Sharma, and Jonathan Retseck.

While known for being in great shape with roles like Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones and as Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe, it is fitting that Jason Momoa is making a show about this passion. In 2019, he told Men’s Health all about how much he loves rock climbing and how it helps him get in the right physique for a role. He made sure that his standalone movie as the aquatic DC hero incorporated things he loved, like climbing. The article also features pictures and a video of him shirtless while he climbs.

Bringing his passion into a TV show that he gets to produce and co-host with a rock-climbing legend, Jason Momoa says it is a “dream come true.” He also went on to talk about how the sport is his favorite, so we can expect his excitement to be through the roof when the show hits HBO.

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Between The Climb and other projects for the big and small screens, Jason Momoa will be busy. First, his Apple TV+ show, See, got renewed for its third season. Recently, the actor arrived in London to film the sequel to Aquaman with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, featuring a major change to his appearance.

If you need to see Jason Momoa in something as soon as possible, you are in luck. You can check him out in the upcoming Netflix movie Sweet Girl on August 20. After, he will star in Denis Villeneuve’s star-studded adaption of Dune on October 22.

There is no release window for The Climb. Keep an eye out as we report on the show’s developments so you can see Jason Momoa host the reality HBO Max series.