See Jason Momoa Announce A Huge Change For Aquaman 2

Jason Momoa shared a video with news for Aquaman 2.

By Faith McKay | Updated

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Jason Momoa has just arrived in England to film Aquaman 2. This DC movie has been a long time in the making and has come with a lot of changes for the actor. Some of those changes have been behind the scenes, like how he helped pitch the idea, upping his involvement for the sequel. Other coming changes are still on the way. As he often does, he hopped on Instagram to talk about what he’s up to. He shared that the weather was surprisingly sunny, he was looking forward to seeing the cast and crew for the movie, and that he’s about to find out if blondes really do have more fun.

You can see the video with Jason Momoa’s update as filming begins for him below.

Just how blond is Jason Momoa going to go? In the first Aquaman, his roots are definitely darker, but the bottom portion of his hair was lighter. This isn’t something most of us remember noticing because Arthur Curry is often underwater with his hair undulating in the waves, and all hair looks darker under the sea. In most of the promotional images for Aquaman, most of us wouldn’t call him blond. There exist photo shoots for men’s magazines where he has blond streaks in his hair, but still don’t really make him look blond. However, there are moments in Aquaman where the actor is in the sunlight and you can see his curls have some blond to them. See below.

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It seems likely that the blond hair shows up better underwater, even though it still appears dark. In the DC comics, Arthur Curry has blond hair, which definitely shows up better for the drawings, so there’s also something to trying to stay as comics accurate as possible. In many of the DC comics versions of Arthur Curry, his hair is also cut short. In some of the more recent comics, they’ve moved to make him look a bit more like Jason Momoa, lengthening his hair and broadening his chest. Changing the comics character some and letting Momoa keep his signature length probably seemed like a good compromise for the filmmakers.

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Jason Momoa’s co-star, Amber Heard, actually got to the set a month ago, based on her own Instagram posts. She mentioned having to quarantine for a while before filming. It’s unclear if Momoa will need to be doing the same, and will be spending the next ten days dying his hair and otherwise getting into character before he’s allowed on set. It’s interesting that Momoa was able to arrive on set so much later than Heard.

Did she simply want to be in England sooner or were there that many scenes where Heard’s character could be filmed without Arthur Curry there? It’s been rumored that Aquaman 2 has more scenes with Mera. It’s also been rumored that she has very few lines, so we’ll have to wait to see what turns out to actually be true. We have quite a while to wait yet. Aquaman 2 is scheduled to release December 16, 2022.