Jason Momoa Celebrates Major Aquaman 2 Update In New Photo

Fans of the DC Extended Universe can rejoice knowing that a major update for Aquaman 2 has dropped wth Jason Momoa

By James Brizuela | Published

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Fans of the DC Extended Universe can rejoice knowing that a major update for Aquaman 2 has dropped via an image on the Instagram of director James Wan. The image shows James Wan, Jason Momoa, and Patrick Wilson sitting together smiling and using a hose to symbolize being underwater. Wan goes into a heartfelt thank you to the cast and crew for the film and to celebrate the final day of filming in Malibu. That is certainly some good news, as the post-production steps can now be taken. The film is slated to premiere on December 16, 2022. Although that is a bit of time to wait, it seems as if there are to be no more delays to production.

See Jason Momoa in the photo from the Aquaman 2 set below.

Both Patrick Wilson and Jason Momoa are set to reprise their roles as King Orm and Aquaman. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will also return to Aquaman 2 as Black Manta, but he has been given an updated look for the new installment. On top of Manta, it has been reported that Karshon will be introduced into the DCEU. Karshon is a massive shark-like creature that sounds to be as terrifying as King Shark is, but isn’t exactly the same thing. Where King Shark is seemingly a giant oaf, Karshon is actually quite intelligent and can become even more powerful by exploring the minds of those he defeats or battles. Karshon is set to be portrayed by Indya Moore. It sounds as if there will be plenty of baddies for Arthur Kane to deal with in Aquaman 2.

James Wan has returned as producer and director for Aquaman 2, as he was behind the camera for the first Jason Momoa film as well. It’s good to see that the DCEU sees value in bringing back the same. Although it hasn’t yet been confirmed, it has been heavily rumored that Gal Gadot aka Wonder Woman is set to make an appearance in the new Aquaman film. The rumors suggest that there will be a new villain that is going to be a major threat to both the Atlantians and the Amazonians and Aquaman and Wonder Woman will have to team up to take down this new threat in Wonder Woman 3. With how popular post-credit scenes are in superhero films, that could be the time in which we get to see Diana Prince.

There is no telling yet if Aquaman 2 will have anything to do with the multiverse that is going to be created in the new The Flash film. Barry Allen is apparently going to cause a sort of rift with alternate dimensions, but the world will get to see Michael Keaton be Batman again, and that is something worth waiting for. However, there have been no rumors as of yet about what effects the multiverse could or would have on Atlantis and the world in which Aquaman finds himself. It always seems to be that DC is trying to keep pace with Marvel in terms of plot points, so both are going to be heavily involved with the multiverse going forward. Although Marvel has steadily been in the lead in terms of a multiverse, DC has Michael Keaton, which helps a lot.