See Jamie Foxx Slay Vampires In Crazy First Look At Day Shift

Check out the first look at Jamie Foxx in Day Shift. This could be one of the next big hits for Netflix in the story of a vampire hunter

By Doug Norrie | Updated

jamie foxx

Jamie Foxx has done almost everything over the course of his career. Really, there’s been almost no genre that’s gone untouched over the years for this guy. Iconic singer biopics, comic book villains, lawyers, test pilots, cops, taxi drivers, superheroes, bank robbers, wealthy tycoons, cowboys, and even the US President are just a small sampling of what this guy’s done on the big screen. He’s about as accomplished a talent as we have these days and it would seem that nearly every genre of movie is in his wheelhouse. It looks like he’s going to add another with Jamie Foxx about to take on vampires in his next Netflix flick. And this one looks like a winner.

On Tuesday, Jamie Foxx helped to give a first look at his upcoming movie Day Shift which is headed to Netflix in the foreseeable future. In this first glimpse at the flick, we have Jamie Foxx introducing us to some of the film’s finer points. Namely, that he’s going to be a vampire hunter on the prowl for those night walkers. And it would appear from this early look that Jamie Foxx’s character is the best of the bunch. This is a wild tour through the movie that looks like it could be one of the streamer’s next big offerings. Check out the first, behind-the-scenes trailer for Day Shift with Jamie Foxx in the lead. 

As you can see, this look at Day Shift is a cross between a trailer for the movie and a closer look at some of the ways they were able to capture the action. Even the peak behind the proverbial curtain was worth it seeing as how the action is seemingly dialed up to the max. It involves Jamie Foxx’s character hunting down vampires in a variety of settings in a world that looks like it’s made a business of tracking down and bagging the undead. There’s a certain slickness to the movie, with plenty of daytime action which is divergent from many other movies we’ve seen in the genre. It looks like it totally plays.

And there are others on hand helping to bring out exactly what’s happening for Jamie Foxx and company. Chad Stahleski, a producer on the film, helps introduce director JJ Perry who’s been working as a stunt coordinator for decades now. Stahleski’s background is also in stunts though he’s most recently, and best known, for his work in the John Wick franchise. For Perry, this is going to be his first time in the big chair. And if this trailer can be trusted, the dude might have pulled off something very cool. 

In addition to Jamie Foxx, others making appearances in Day Shift include Dave Franco, Snoop Dogg, plus Natasha Liu Bordizzo, and Tetiana Gaidar. It looks like a high adrenaline flick with plenty of big names attached. There’s a chance this one is a total win for Netflix before it’s all said and done. Jamie Foxx and Day Shift is set to premiere on the streamer this summer on August 12th.