An Embarrassing Jamie Foxx Movie Is Climbing The Streaming Charts

By Charlene Badasie | 2 months ago

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Just like other popular streaming sites, HBO Max has a vast catalog of titles to sift through. Hosted by WarnerMedia, the service doesn’t only offer titles from the pay cable channel HBO. Viewers also have a massive selection of Warner Bros movies to choose from. There are classics, fairly new releases, indie projects, and superhero movies. And sometimes movies that didn’t do so well upon release find an audience on streaming sites. This is especially true for the Jamie Foxx movie, Robin Hood, which is currently in the top ten on HBO Max.

Billed as an action-adventure film, it is a quasi-contemporary retelling of the Robin Hood legend. It focuses on how he was trained to steal from the Sheriff of Nottingham. The film stars Taron Egerton as Robin Hood, Jamie Foxx as his best friend Little John, and Ben Mendelsohn as his enemy Sheriff of Nottingham. The movie also features Eve Hewson as Robin’s love interest Maid Marian, Jamie Dornan as politician Will Tillman, Tim Minchin as Friar Tuck, Paul Anderson as Guy of Gisborne, and F. Murray Abraham as Cardinal Franklin. Ian Peck, Josh Herdman, Cornelius Booth, and Björn Bengtsson also star.

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Directed by Otto Bathurst from a script by Ben Chandler and David James Kelly, the story follows Robin of Loxley. After returning home to England, he learns that the corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham has seized his family estate. Angered by these events, the aristocrat joins forces with Friar Tuck and Little John (Jamie Foxx), a fierce Arabian warrior who wants to put an end to the Crusades. Given the name Robin Hood and armed with arrows, Loxley leads a band of oppressed rebels in a daring plan to rob the Sheriff of his money and take away his power.

Robin Hood was released in November 2018 and received mostly negative reviews from critics, who maligned the direction, narrative, and wasting of the cast’s talents. The box office wasn’t too kind either. The Jamie Foxx starrer only managed to earn $86 million against a production budget of $100 million. On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the film only holds an approval rating of 15% based on 167 reviews. The critical consensus says the film steals from the rich source material but is essentially just another poor attempt to needlessly shine up a classic tale. It calls the amped-up action scenes and modern special effects very unnecessary.

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Due to its critical and financial failings, coupled with its modern take on classic source material, several publications compared the movie to 2017’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. As expected, it was on the losing end of every comparison. And despite their best efforts, Robin Hood was nominated for three Razzies for Worst Remake, Worst Supporting Actor for Jamie Foxx, and Worst Picture.

Fortunately, with an impressive body of work, one bad movie wasn’t going to destroy Jamie Foxx’s career. The actor, comedian, and singer who got his start on 1991’s sketch comedy show In Living Color, has had numerous roles since the failed Robin Hood movie. This includes 2019’s Just Mercy, 2020’s Project Power, Soul in 2021, and Spider-Man: No Way Home also in 2021. The latter was one of the most successful box office releases since the advent of Covid-19. Foxx reprised his role as Electro for the film and received rave reviews for his efforts.

The Marvel star’s upcoming projects include a voice role in the movie Strays. Directed and produced by Josh Greenbaum, the live-action animated comedy tells the story of an abandoned dog who teams up with other strays to get revenge on his former owner. The film stars Will Ferrell as the abandoned dog, Jamie Foxx as one of the stray pups, Will Forte as the abandoned dog’s former owner, and Randall Park in an undisclosed role. The movie is currently set for release by Universal Pictures on June 9, 2023.

Jamie Foxx is also working on various films where he will star, direct and produce. These projects include All-Star Weekend, Geechee, They Cloned Tyrone, Day Shift, and God Is a Bullet. He will star in Amazon Studio’s upcoming film The Burial, reports Deadline. Based on a true story and a New Yorker article by Jonathan Harr, the story follows a bankrupt funeral homeowner who decides to sue a rival businessman over a handshake deal gone wrong. So he hires a flamboyant attorney to take his case. Directed by Maggie Betts from a script by Doug Wright, the movie also stars Tommy Lee Jones, Jurnee Smollett, Mamoudou Athie, and Bill Camp.