James Gunn Warns Marvel Fans Of Guardians Scam

James Gunn called out a scam having to do with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. It was a group using the name without permission

By Doug Norrie | Published

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When he’s making movies and series, James Gunn certainly doesn’t mess around. It’s just one reason the guy has some of the biggest hits out there with more on the way. And one of those productions had a bit of controversy recently, though it wasn’t James Gunn at the heart of it. Far from it. Instead, it was the director responding to a scam having to do with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 and a casting call that went out for extras for the film. Gunn was quick to point out that this company had nothing to do with the actual production and that he was incensed that there would be those looking to take advantage of others using works of his.

James Gunn took to Twitter on Tuesday to warn folks about a possible casting call scam that was happening with his next movie. The director at first responded to another user questioning whether an audition call for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 could even be real considering the film’s production timeline. Gunn quickly squashed that possibility saying it couldn’t be real because the shooting had wrapped a while back. And then he called out the company by name, becoming not too pleased with the idea of a group possibly taking advantage of actors and actresses under the banner of one of his movies. Check it out:

Pretty much sums it up right there. James Gunn was able to clarify that the account for @Nine9dotcom was using Guardians of the Galaxy as a possible bait-and-switch when it came to casting calls. He saw this as somewhat predatory, especially where young talents were concerned. He claims that this company would be “ripping people off” possibly in the form of having to pay for the audition or the representation, or at least something of the like. It’s unclear exactly why the group would put out the call knowing (or not knowing) whether the movie had actually finished or not. Seeing as how it was done, there’s really no reason to offer a casting call unless it was for something untoward.

There were some responses to the James Gunn tweet describing the process one goes through when responding to an ad such as this one. Twitter user @csylvs said that they responded to the ad, were charged $99 for a Zoom call, and the movie was never once mentioned. Another user @words_nik confirmed the experience with the same number and said that the company also wanted a monthly subscription fee for their services.

James Gunn and company are set to release Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 on May 5th of next year and it’s looking like the final installment for this original crew of space frolickers. The entire original cast is returning for one more romp through the universe and this one will introduce Will Poulter as Adam Warlock to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Filming has finished up and the movie is in post-production, just in case you see another casting call.