Netflix Baby Reindeer Subject Lashes Out At Stephen King

By Britta DeVore | Published

Legendary horror author Stephen King may have made an unshakable enemy in the alleged real-life inspiration behind the character known as Martha in Netflix’s run-away hit, Baby Reindeer. The writer hasn’t been secretive about his love for the show, which has only grown in popularity since it premiered almost one month ago, leading fans to wonder if he’ll turn the Richard Gadd-created episodic series into a full-blown feature-length film. The woman who folks are claiming is Gadd’s muse for the production says she’ll sue King if he tries to get the movie up and running.

Stephen King Loves The Series

As we mentioned, Stephen King already has his hands entangled with Baby Reindeer, having penned what he referred to on social media as an “essay” which was published in the London Times. The writer says he was more than happy to do it and has made statements about how genius, heartfelt, and captivating the series is – specifically during a certain episode when the show’s creator and star, Richard Gadd, spills his guts to an audience during his comedy routine.

Internet Sleuths Found the Real Martha

While Richard Gadd’s life may be on the up and up, with the likes of Stephen King praising the once struggling performer, the woman who’s said to be the inspiration for the character of Martha in Baby Reindeer has said that she’s been the target of hate since the show aired. She claims to have received “death threats” after the internet did what it does best and uncovered her supposed real identity. If she wanted to lay low and claim that she isn’t the woman behind the true story, she’s not doing a spectacular job of it, as she’s fought back against the series as an inaccurate representation of the events.

A Cursed Meet Cute

In Baby Reindeer, Richard Gadd stars as Donny, a bartender harboring a dark and traumatizing secret about his past that he’s not prepared to face. One day, a woman named Martha sits down at his bar and says she can’t afford the diet soda that he’s poured for her even though she claims to be a very successful lawyer. Taking pity on the woman, Donny pays for her drink and thus begins a downward spiral in his life that sees his world flipped upside down by a stalker who – in the end – helps him come to terms with the sexual abuse that he faced years prior.

Gadd’s Even-Handed Handling Of The Series

The series is incredibly well-written and performed, and it is one of those series that you can’t help but binge-watch. Gadd’s story is an incredibly relatable one, even if you’ve never experienced the crushing anxiety and stress of having a stalker, as it’s more about finding peace within yourself and becoming comfortable with the person you are. In the past, Gadd’s spoken about how the woman behind Martha isn’t a villain as she suffers from a mental illness, but that he wanted to use the series to point out that his mentor (the man who raped him) is the true monster.

Baby Reindeer Is Another Netflix Hit

In all, we can’t suggest Baby Reindeer to you enough but if our words fail, all you need to do is look to Stephen King who has nothing but positive reviews for the Netflix production. And, if you’ve forgotten that the horror king wouldn’t delve into a non-spooky scary story, look no further than his short story, The Life of Chuck, which will soon be adapted for the big screen thanks to Mike Flanagan.

Source: Daily Record