James Gunn Is Returning To The DC Universe, Our Scoop Confirmed?

James Gunn has confirmed that he has another project for DC on the way. Could it be a confirmation of the previous Giant Freakin Robot scoop?

By Doug Norrie | Updated

james gunn

James Gunn has been just what the DC Extended Universe needed. Outside of a movie here and there, this was a franchise of movies somewhat mired in a drab and lifeless existence. But a lot of that flipped with his take on The Suicide Squad last summer and is about to the hammered home when Peacemaker hits the screen this week. And it looks like James Gunn is here to stay for DC with word that he’s now working on yet another project under this banner. Could it be a confirmation of the Giant Freakin Robot exclusive scoop that The Suicide Squad sequel is on its way? That could be the case, but no matter what we are getting even more James Gunn in our life here. And that’s a good thing. 

The word about James Gunn sticking on for more DC projects comes in an interview he did with Collider (via ComicBook.com) in which he told the outlet that he has another DC project lined. It’s going to begin production when he wraps up on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 later this year. James Gunn said, “we’re stepping forward…We’ll see what’s happening, and I’ll know what’s happening very shortly…It’s TV. There you go.”

james gunn

That James Gunn refers to this next project as one for television doesn’t help that it is a The Suicide Squad sequel, but there is a good chance the story lands right within the same world and framework. Considering how well Gunn has done with this material so far, there’s no reason to stop now. And the writer/ director clearly has a penchant for storytelling within this particular universe and around these characters. 

When James Gunn came out with The Suicide Squad last summer, it was just the shot in the arm the DC Universe needed considering so much of the big screen world within this franchise had been of the dour variety. But Gunn’s take on the titular group was a tour-de-force of laughs and violence, right in line with what this particular group of folk, particularly Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn needed. And considering it stood in such contrast to the original take on the group, what we got with the David Ayers version of the franchise lent even more credence to the idea that Gunn’s particular brand of tongue-in-cheek comedy and over-the-top violence was perfect. 

And next up for James Gunn in the DC Extended Universe will be Peacemaker which is set to debut this week. The miniseries starring John Cena as the titular character is already receiving rave reviews for the take on this singular, and douchey character. Picking up after the events of The Suicide Squad, while also going back to some of the roots of how this guy got so screwed up, the show looks completely hilarious with Cena’s doltish take on the character shining through from the jump. It’s currently sitting at 88% on Rotten Tomatoes with the praise coming for not only how they handled the character, but also some of the bigger themes and context brought out in a silly story. 

Of course, before he starts working on a possibly The Suicide Squad sequel, or another project with these characters, James Gunn has to finish off something for the Marvel Cinematic Universe first. That will be the aforementioned Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 which will wrap up the story for that group and possibly be the end of the line for James Gunn in the MCU