Exclusive: Henry Cavill Is Trying To Appear In The Flash

The latest Giant Freakin Robot exclusive has it that Henry Cavill is angling to appear in the upcoming DC film, The Flash with Ezra Miller

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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The future for Henry Cavill in the DC Extended Universe is anything but certain right now. There have been tons of will they/ won’t they rumors floating out around about whether or not he’ll be back in the cape. But we might not have seen the last of the Cavill playing the Kryptonian on the big screen. Giant Freak Robot has the exclusive from our trusted and proven source that Henry Cavill is currently vying to have a cameo in The Flash when that finally makes its way to theaters. Having him in the mix would sure seem like he was there to stay in that particular continuity within the DC Universe. 

With The Flash shaping up to be a major DC production, one of its biggest ever, it would make sense that Henry Cavill wanted to be involved. The film is set to be a massive production, calling back to some of the original Justice League members, bringing in new DC characters, and even including a different iteration of another popular comic book character. There are all kinds of things happening here with Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen/ The Flash speeding his way through what it seems like is the DC equivalent of the Multiverse. Taking parts from what has been rumored to be the Flashpoint arc, he is going to come across a bevy of DC folks. Could Superman be one of them? 

If Henry Cavill were to make an appearance in The Flash, he’d be joining fellow Justice Leaguers including Ben Affleck who will reprise his role as Bruce Wayne/ Batman in the movie. There are rumors this would be the end of the line for Batfleck though it appears they will stop short of sending him to the BatGrave. Instead, it looks like they will simply wrap up his story arc. Plus, in the mix is going to be Michael Keaton who will reprise his own version of Bruce Wayne, now an aged ex-crimefighter in another dimension. Early looks at the film have even pointed to him getting back into the suit. From this perspective, it would appear more than viable to have Henry Cavill show up in some respect. 

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But that’s not all for The Flash because there are others who are going to be featured in some way. We already know that Sasha Calle will be debuting as Supergirl in this film. Early word has her playing a more troubled version of the character. It’s been out there that in the world in which The Flash meets Supergirl, she’s been tested on by the government. Could Henry Cavill work his way into the story here as a fellow Kryptonian? 

Plus, Giant Freakin Robot just had another exclusive that Zachary Levi was set to make an appearance as Shazam. Remember that Henry Cavill famously opted out of a cameo in Levy’s solo movie a few years ago. The producers chose to just show Superman from the waist down in that film, somewhat poking fun at the idea that Cavill wasn’t even there. 

It will be interesting to see where we land with Henry Cavill here and if he ends up getting back into the red cape for The Flash. Of course, DC is already moving in new directions with the character in other projects. One is a JJ Abrams/ Ta-Nehisi Coates project that will feature the Calvin Ellis version of Superman. And Michael B. Jordan is also working on another Superman project as well. This is all to say that DC is splintering some of its stories, but there is still plenty of room to keep Henry Cavill around if they want. And The Flash, which releases in 2023, might just be the perfect time for him to drop on by.