Henry Cavill’s Superman Was Almost Killed By One Of James Gunn’s Suicide Squad

Henry Cavill's Superman has run into one of the Suicide Squad.

By Apeksha Bagchi | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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While there may or may not be any hope of seeing Henry Cavill as Superman again in the DC Extended Universe, his story continues in the cinematic universe. So, even though Superman is not in any of the upcoming DC films, we recently got to know that all hasn’t been hunky and dory for our caped crusader as he was almost killed by one of the supervillains we will soon be meeting in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad

Recently James Gunn took to Twitter to answer a fan who questioned whether Henry Cavill’s Superman has any connection to The Suicide Squad. While everyone was expecting a big no on that front, Gunn responded by announcing that while the other members of the Suicide Squad are incarcerated for their respective crimes, Bloodsport (played by Idris Elba in the film) is in prison for shooting Superman with a kryptonite bullet. While he managed to put the Kryptonian in an ICU, he failed to kill him. 

While he doesn’t necessarily mention that he is talking about the Superman played by Henry Cavill whom we last saw defeating Darkseid’s army and Steppenwolf, we will opt that it is him Gunn mentioned as Cavill will remain the DC Extended Universe’s current Superman until a new one is introduced. Logically, this Superman could be anyone now that the DC Extended Universe is all set to follow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s steps and establish the multiverse to better explain its messy cinematic universe. Anyway, one fact is established: Superman is not faster than a speeding bullet. 

As for the prospect of Henry Cavill returning as Superman, the upcoming introduction of the multiverse via Ezra Miller starrer The Flash film makes his existence alongside any new Superman possible. But in May this year, there had been many rumors floating that Cavill unfollowed Warner Bros. and DC’s Instagram accounts, and soon, WB unfollowed him on the platform. While there is no way to verify these events (many have pointed out that Cavill and Warner Bros. weren’t following each other in the first place), even insider Grace Rudolph and The Hollywood Reporter have confirmed that The Witcher actor is no longer returning as the Kryptonian Kal-El. 

Again, this news has not been confirmed either by Henry Cavill or Warner Bros. but it isn’t exactly hard to agree to the rumors. While we will be seeing Ben Affleck’s Batman (despite Robert Pattinson’s upcoming debut as the Gotham city savior) in 2022’s The Flash alongside Michael Keaton, there have been no such plans for Cavill’s Superman. In fact, last month The Hollywood Reporter shared that the renowned essayist and novelist Ta-Nehisi Coates will be penning a reboot of Superman, with J.J. Abrams as the producer and a Black Superman this time. 

We also exclusively reported that the Matt Reeves directed The Batman will see Robert Pattinson’s caped superhero get a Superman of his own in future films. While this makes sense as the Batman-Superman feud and friendship are an integral part of both superheroes’ stories, it doesn’t bode well for Henry Cavill. So, even though The Suicide Squad’s Bloodsport is in prison for putting Superman in a coma and could hopefully cross paths with him in future films, it probably won’t be Cavill.