Henry Cavill In Talks To Play A Mythological Hero?

By Faith McKay | 4 weeks ago

Henry cavill

Henry Cavill is on a bit of a high right now. He was just announced for Highlander. He’s on one of the top shows for Netflix. And his Netflix movie got a sequel. Will his next move be to move into Disney’s territory? According to insider Daniel Richtman, Cavill was recently talking to Disney. As far as he heard and decided to share, the actor was talking to them about either a role as a Disney prince or possibly Hercules.

This is not the first time that Daniel Richtman has recently claimed to hear something about Hercules. A few weeks ago, he heard that Disney is specifically looking for a non-white male to play the role of Hercules. Henry Cavill is a white man born in the English Channel Islands, so doesn’t fit that previously prescribed demographic for a role as Hercules. However, the number of projects Disney has their hands in is plentiful and always growing. Surely, there are many other characters from mythology that Cavill could play. There also seems to be a neverending list of Disney princes, and it’s not difficult to picture Cavill as one.

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Henry Cavill has done a bit of a transformation for some of his roles in the past. He’s grown large beards that have subtly changed the way he’s looked, taken on a mustache here or there, but his biggest transformation has arguably been for The Witcher. He has long light hair, a pastier complexion, and muscles that he isn’t afraid to show off. Geralt of The Witcher is clearly a very different-looking character than, say, Clark Kent. When picturing the Superman version of Cavill, who is more clean-cut, you may picture him more as Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. It’s hard to picture the man who plays Geralt as Prince Eric, and yet, it’s the same actor.

If we put Daniel Richtman’s previous claim aside, where he heard that Disney only wanted to hire non-white actors to play Hercules, it’s easy to see how Disney might be able to picture him as Hercules. What’s the biggest thing an actor playing Hercules would need? Biceps.


There are a lot of characters that require a strong workout regime in order to play them. Henry Cavill’s time on The Witcher and as Superman have made him no stranger to to this kind of character requirement. He’s also played a fair number of arrogant characters, so he could bring that touch to Hercules. The character needs to be boastful, strong, and ready for fun adventures as he takes on the world. This sounds like it’s within Cavill’s work history to be something he can pull off.

Does this mean we’re likely to hear an announcement from Disney any time soon? It may be too early to make any kind of assertion like that. Even in Daniel Richtman’s view, he said only that Henry Cavill was talking to Disney, and he wasn’t even sure about what role. It may mean that the studio is looking at Cavill for a possible future joint venture unspecified, which seems likely. Cavill has been picking up more roles and attention lately. A lot of projects probably list him as a possible casting choice. It will be interesting to see how his career grows from here.