Henry Cavill Wants To Play Another Major DC Superhero?

By Hayden Mears | 2 weeks ago

henry cavill

Henry Cavill plays a fantastic Superman, but how would he do as another famous DC superhero? That question probably did not occur to many of you (because why would it?), but with a new rumor now circulating, it is one worth thinking about.

Gossip writer Daniel Richtman brings word that Henry Cavill has expressed interest in playing a Batman from a different reality in a future DC movie. Nothing more is known about this beyond the fact that Cavill is reportedly very interested in going this route with this particular character. Also worth noting: this is merely a rumor right now so take it for what it is.

Would Henry Cavill be playing an alternate Bruce, Flashpoint‘s Thomas Wayne, or another Caped Crusader we don’t know about yet? That remains to be seen, but personally, I would go for a Thomas Wayne Batman. Couldn’t really see him as Bruce.

henry cavill

It is especially important to consider that this rumor conflicts directly with previous reports regarding Henry Cavill’s interest in returning as Superman. So that should instantly make you cautious about this news. On the other hand, it is indeed just a rumor, but Richtman has been spot-on with his leaks before, making this news kind of difficult to wrap one’s head around. Do we give Richtman’s word any weight or do we hold off on expectations until we hear more? That is up to you.

This is certainly bizarre, and it makes the goings-on at Warner Bros. and DC even more confusing. It does not feel like the studio is even really interested in pursuing a Henry Cavill return. After all, the SnyderVerse isn’t happening, so what is going on? At this point, we do not even know if Michael Keaton is reprising his role as Bruce Wayne in Andy Muschietti’s upcoming The Flash film.

It’s not out of the realm of possibility for an actor to double-dip when it comes to playing superheroes. Chris Evans did it with Johnny Storm/Human Torch and Captain America. But that was an evolution that made sense. Henry Cavill portraying Batman/Bruce Wayne feels incongruous at best and like an awful idea at worst, one that would only work, well…probably never. Crazier things have happened, sure. Remember how many people lamented Heath Ledger’s casting in The Dark Knight as soon as he was confirmed to be playing the Joker ? And remember how that turned out? Yeah, Ledger’s take on the character is now lauded as one of the best Joker performances ever. So it is definitely possible for Henry Cavill to surprise us with a knockout performance. Is it likely? No. Are we rooting for him anyway? Absolutely.

henry cavill

If you have not gotten around to it yet, you can catch Henry Cavill in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which is now streaming exclusively on HBO Max. It is an exhausting movie, and Cavill is not in it too much-mostly in the final third-, but the scenes he does show up in are absolutely elevated by his presence.

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