Critically Acclaimed HBO Max Show Becomes Most In-Demand New Series

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

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The brand-new HBO series called Our Flag Means Death is currently the #1 in-demand series in the United States. Famed director and actor, Taika Waititi, is also pulling double duty on the show. He portrays the hilarious Blackbeard the Pirate and serves as an executive producer for the series. The new pirate adventure has clearly been a hit with audiences as new metrics for the series have been released, and it is currently 11.9 times more in demand than any other series in the US currently. The series has been making waves as of late, literally, and has already provided all ten episodes for fans to binge-watch on HBO Max.

our flag means death hbo max

Our Flag Means Death was the most in-demand show when it first premiered on March 3rd. That 11.9 times demand number skyrocketed to a staggering 36.7 times by the time the season finale happened on March 24th. These numbers come by way of Parrot Analytics, which is a software company that tracks how shows are performing. The HBO Max series peaked at #11 in both the United States and Worldwide based on in-demand metrics. It also remains in the top 0.02% of any show across all platforms. The creator of the show, David Jenkins, spoke about these fantastic numbers and praised the show via his Twitter page. You can see this announcement below:

Another great record for the HBO Max show is that during both Our Flag Means Death and Ted Lasso season finales, Our Flag Means Death was 42.8% more in demand than Lasso. For as huge of a critical success as Ted Lasso is, that is something to be quite proud of. This new pirate show is also in much higher demand than the breakout Suicide Squad spin-off, Peacemaker. This is even more impressive considering that Our Flag Means Death was a brand-new IP and not a sequel or spin-off that had already been established.

Our Flag Means Death follows the life of a socialite, Stede Bonnet, who leaves his cushy life and heads to the high seas to become a pirate. Though he is gentle-natured, he brings with him a group of ragtag crewmembers that are all quirky in their own way. Bonnet’s life as a pirate goes about as well as anyone could guess until he meets the dreaded Blackbeard, who then teaches the man to be more like a bloodthirsty pirate of the seas. The great thing about this series, albeit its hilarious nature, is that Stede Bonnet was an actual real-life pirate that was known as the “The Gentleman Pirate” based on his wealth and land-owning status. While this HBO Max series is clearly meant to be as humorous as possible, it is based on events that happened.

Our Flag Means Death is currently streaming on HBO Max. All 10 episodes of the first season are available to be streamed right now. The series currently holds an 89% critic rating along with a higher 93% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The show is hilarious and showcases a group of individuals that bring a level of ensemble humor that is very reminiscent of What We Do in the Shadows, another Taika Waititi created a film that turned into a series. It’s no secret why it was the most in-demand series on streaming platforms.